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Important Notification

Current gas rate per KG: 77.30 Know more for New Gas connection Click for more details.. Head office & Gas plant is in Bhawadi and expansions are in progress..

We provide best quality imported gas with neat and clean cylinders, this clearly means you get the best you pay for!!

Size: 4 kg
Domestic LPG

Height:-372 Diameter:-238

New Connection Charges:- 700 Security refundable + Other

Size: 12 Kg
Domestic LPG

Height:-600mm Diameter:-295mm

New Connection Charges:- 1200 Security refundable + Other

Size: 15 Kg
Domestic LPG

Height:-615mm Diameter:-330mm

New Connection Charges:- 1500 Security refundable + Other

250522075106Cylinder_17Kg (1).png
Size: 17 Kg
Domestic LPG

Height:-665mm Diameter:-330mm

New Connection Charges:- 1700 Security refundable + Other

Size: 33 Kg
Domestic LPG

Height:-1060mm Diameter:-342mm

New Connection Charges:- 4000 Security refundable + Other