Duties and responsibilities of Public Relation Officer

The Public Relation Officer will exercise overall responsibility for realizing the objectives of the Publicity Policy of the company as per website and terms and conditions of associates. The details of working will be as under –

  1. Designing scripts for advertisements in consultation with advertisement agents/publicity consultants. Scripts/slogans should be brief, but impressively convey the objectives of our message. After approval of the script from competent authority, place the order through authorized agents to secure benefit of discount eligible. Verify the release of our advertisement in the newspapers, and secure copy of the issue with our advertisement for our record.
  1. Preparation of the News articles for different Regions, where the Company has business interests, at monthly intervals.
  1. Collect station wise particulars of press reporters relevant to our associates with our programmes for inviting them for Press conferences conducted by us.
  1. Search and collect news cutting in different National Press covering published information relating to Parallel Marketing; Government Policy regarding LPG pricing and distribution; action initiated against illegal trading of Non ISI products; and other matters of interest for the company.
  1. To carry out wide circulation of all news of items of interest amongst our Distributors and Dealers on monthly basis.
  1. To sequentially assemble collected articles, news items, press publicity of the Company etc. in Publicity. Albums for reference and circulation amongst our marketing staffs.
  1. To collect quotations for publicity material, local outdoor publicity material at different centers (Hoarding, Banner displayed at street junctions, Frames displayed on the rear side of local passenger transport Buses, small hoarding fitted at Bus Shelters etc.,)
  1. To organize inaugural functions of our Associates.
  1. To keep information about Dealer/Distributor oriented programmes for Publicity conducted at different places and cost incurred for the same.
  1. Keeping custody of Video/Audio cassettes, relating to all publicity programmes through electronic media. Maintaining IN/OUT register for issue and return of such cassettes from Dealer/ Distributors, to ensure their proper accounting and custody.
  1. To ensure adequate stocking of P.O.P. material by the stores Section, by giving guidelines about minimum and maximum levels of stocks to be maintained under each item of P.O.P. material.
  1. Collect information about any other attractive local outdoor or media publicity by other traders, which can be deemed as a model for us.
  1. Plan, organize Premier Newsletter for dissemination of important news and events relating to the activities of the Company for wide distribution.
  1. Organize programmes for release in Television Channels.
  1. Any other work allotted by the Management.