PL – 165

Duties & responsibilities of cashier

Cashier is responsible for company’s cash – holding, receiving, paying and for safe custody of cash. It is also the responsibility of cashier to perform all cash transactions and tally the daily closing cash – physical balance with the balance indicated in the Cash Book. Cash transactions should be accounted simultaneously in the Computer. However, as a supplementary measure a manual system must be kept at hand and resorted, when computer operations cannot be made.

Essential responsibility

  1. Security: Cash in hand carries a risk. Protect yourself & the cash. Always be alert and vigilant.
  2. Follow the Rule: ‘enter the particulars of payment first in records and then make a payment – Receive cash, count and check the same before recording Receipts’.
  3. Ensure genuineness while receiving currency in hand – Be alert and do not accept totally mutilated, oily, greasy or counterfeit currency.
  4. Do not keep currency notes loose – sort them denomination wise, arrange them in sections of 100 notes each and then bundle them l0 sections each denomination wise.
  5. Enter denomination particulars of cash in each receipt/payment voucher.
  6. Complete one transaction, Receipt or Payment, record the same/input the same in computer and then take the next transaction.
  7. Be prompt – when others finish their work and start going, do not be still counting and checking cash and accounts. Be prompt and close the cash account and tally the balance in time.
  8. When payment is received by cheque, ensure cheque is not out of date, is signed by the drawer, the-amount in words and figures tallies, and the name of our Company is correctly spelt. Particularly note that overwriting/cutting is not allowed.  Details of payment may be noted on the backside the cheque/DD.
  9. The payment from prospective associates/dealers/distributors will be with indent or requisition slip for stationery/publicity material, which should be clearly mentioned by the cashier with stamp on the performa, received with payment. In case of cash/DD/pay order/cheque cashier will clearly mention the same as payment and issue receipt for the same. If the party comes directly, cashier will hand over the receipt to the party by hand otherwise receipts will be handed over to Asstt. Manager (Sales & accounts) after receipt in office copy, who will despatch to the party every month with billing.

Payment from field staff (9.30 A.M TO 11.30 A.M) 

  1. The field staff will submit the collection slip with carbon copy, giving particulars of customer wise collections. Verify the total amount of cash and cheques as per particulars in the slip to ensure that all amounts/cheques collected have been tendered correctly by the field staff concerned. Payment of all new customers/associates should be received with the specific form duly supported by clubbing form filed by the marketing staff. All payments received with the slip to be entered in the computer and computerized receipt may be issued, in case required by the field staff.
  2. All cheques/DDs should be entered in bank pay-in-slips. Particulars of these cheques/DDs are also to be entered in the cheque deposit register and sent for remittance to bank. These slips to be tagged properly date-wise. For this purpose one book/slip-book should be used. lf in emergency extra slips are used, these should be pasted to the main book. In case of computer statement, slip should be attached with the statement. The cashier will also deposit at the Bank, cash received during the previous day on the same pattern. In case cash is deposited directly into the Bank, due to specific reasons, on receipt of the counterfoil, the data should be entered in the computer. The counterfoil should be attached with the computer statement. Ensure that all counterfoils are stamped/signed by the bank.


Payment should be made to staff in cash duly signed by Asstt. Manager (Sales & accounts) and voucher for the same is to be prepared along with making entry in the computer.

Bank transaction

The person dealing with cash will be responsible for all transaction with the bank. He can take the help of field staff for deposit of cheque & getting bank statement. He should ensure that all cheques are honored & he will hand over the transactions detail of the day to concerned person.

Receipt control register

All Counter-foils/carbon copies received from the field staff should entered in the Receipt Control Register maintained separately for each office. Requisition of field staff for issue of new Receipt Book should be issued after checking from Receipt Control Register PL-135 on the subject may be studied thoroughly. After 5.00 P.M. cashier will take out the print from computer and tally cash in hand with computer statement and cash book & put up to Competent Authority for checking & he/she will countersigned the Register daily.

1. PL – 135      Guidelines for Maintenance & Issue of Receipt Book


1. PL – 89      Cash Receipt Register

2. PS – 36      Receipt Control Register

3.                    Receipt Control Register

4.                    Bank Statement File