Duties & Responsibilities of Manager (Admn.)

  1. MA will check the working of all employees, particularly the duties & responsibilities assigned to each administrative staff. MA will train the employees in all respects in performing their duties as under: –
    1. How to perform their assigned job;
    2. What records to be maintained;
    3. How they report on daily/weekly/monthly basis.
    1. In general, penalties for not adhering to discipline, have been given in the code of conduct duly accepted by the employees before joining and they have already provided two guarantees for the same. However, the present staff will also follow these guidelines to get their increments & promotions.
    2. MA will check the working on daily basis and will ensure that records are being maintained timely in a soft copy as well as in a hard copy also by them as per requirement and not later than by the end of the month and keeps all the records in Google drive & in a safe custody in consultation with the Business Controller.
    3. MA will forward the Monthly Output report to release the salary of all the employees with the certification that report submitted by the them is correct, in consultation with Correspondence officer (HR) after getting the monthly output report, if required. MA should be sure about the correctness in all respects and maintain the performance sheet of all employee as PR- 60.
    4. MA will keep watch on the visitors visiting office for any purpose is being attended by the front officer promptly and water/tea etc. is being served properly. If any person comes for any work and he has to wait for some time, should be allowed to sit in conference room and concerned staff should attend him immediately. During this period, they should be provided with snacks or lunch according to time.
    5. Sanction the leave, salary, TA & DA etc. as per rules.
    6. Plan, coordinate and manage all administrative procedures and systems.
    7. Assess staff performance and recommend for increment and promotion etc.,