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Survey, Sales, Reporting &Targets for Sale Persons

Every business has various departments out of which sales are the most important because the sale is the only thing which increases the turnover of the company. Our company is careful about the sale persons by providing good salary & incentives with hope that they will give good results and be the strength pillars of the company. Sale persons must establish relationship with potential clients to gain success of the company.

They may have to work long hours, nights, or weekends, therefore being flexible with their schedule is a key to succeeding in this career. They need to describe to customers a product’s different features, answer any questions they might have, and communicate why having the product would be of benefit to them.

There is no doubt that when they joins our company, they will take time to become familiar with the products and terms & conditions of the company for appointing associates. But, it is not difficult for an experienced person, if they have experience of selling any type of goods. For example, if one driver is driving Maruti, it will not be difficult for him to run other type of vehicle after understanding the whereabouts of that vehicle. However, in our company, we provide training to every person to know about the products, its marketing strategies and working system. The working details is given as under: –

Procedure for filling of survey reports

  1. They should be able to answer basic questions about the product, company and distribution system including the price charged by the company. All this updated information is available on our website. However, they should check that rates have been updated on 1st of every month. In case of any doubt about rates they should contact the company corporate office.
  1. They should wear t-shirt/shirt and cap with the special badge made exclusively for them and will be provided by the business associates.

Domestic survey

They should proceed to the allotted locality and visit house after house & shop after shop at the time when people of area feel easy and complete the form PR- 3.

Commercial Survey

They should proceed to the allotted locality and visit house after house & shop after shop at the time when people of area feel easy and complete the form PR- 3A.

Industrial survey

Go to each & every column of sheet & get enquire from concerned person such as purchase manager and fill all details accordingly, if you find “can you get this customer” column yes then drop quotation after discussion with BDM/distributor and complete the form PR- 4.

Requirement of reporting

Initially, we require following daily reports to judge the working of them to put the wheels as per requirement on weak points:-

1 Vehicle running Report : To know, how much time is being spent by them in reaching one industry/unit to other.
2 Working Report : In this report, they should give full details i.e., how they reach up to customer & how much time spent by them, query made by the customer as well as reply given by them.

On getting these reports, we will come to know the working of the marketing persons and guide them properly. The marketing persons should note brief in their diary during the day & send reports from their residence in the evening positively on same day.

Process of filling working report & need of working report.

working report should be filled at same time when you come out of industry because it should cover all points you discussed there and will justify your working. It is only document by which any one can justify his working hours so it should contain complete discussion of party & result.

Security guard is one of the most important persons who can help them to make leads and get their entry to concerned person to make them their friend by their communication skills.

When & where they submit reports.

Reports should be submitted on daily basics by personal or by mail, but initially they have to come office on daily basics for discussing their reports or for training so that they can improve their skills of marketing, with time being their office visit will be weekly, but they should submit their working on daily basis by mail.


While performing duties, the marketing person should keep in mind that company is running on the funds generated by them and they should also concentrate to give fruitful results.    However, some targets are set for them to determine the achievement-based compensation and incentivize them. The targets for them are as follows:-

1 Sales Representative : Introduction of three associates i.e., retailer/mini retailer/ customer representative and should be functional within one month.
2 Business Development Manager : Introduction of one distributor in a month till his jurisdiction is completed.  The drawings should be submitting within two months and should get the license within four months. Convince the distributor to start work as customer representative.
3 Zonal Manager : Introduction of one ALDS every month.  NOC should be obtained as soon as possible but not later than six months. ALDS should be functional within four months after getting NOC.

Articles should be contained by sales representative on field

  1. Hard copy of quotation
  2. Note pad &pen
  3. Folder containing information about premier LPG ltd.
  4. Survey form
  5. Company id card
  6. Visiting cards