As per our contracted terms, supplies to Distributor and Dealer are allowed  against payment through Bank Draft payable at Delhi. However, Dealers/Distributor have the option to make cash payment for smaller orders or instalment of consumer loan. On certain occasions, Distributor  are allowed supplies against credit. On such occasion cash collections is to be made from Distributor/Dealer either for supplies to be made, or already made on credit etc. Field staff can make such collections from the Distributor/Dealer & also for Security Deposit at the time of appointment of Dealers and payment for initial orders from Dealers up to Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only). The following rules to be followed in respect of all such collections.

Who can collect cash

Field Staff having Idemtiy Card & Company’s Provisional Receipt Book.

Responsibilites of employee ententrusted with collection dues:

  1. Receipt books will be issued to the field staff by the procurement & supply officer, against their signature & they are responsible for safe-custody of Provisional Receipt Book.
  1. Misplacing of Provisional Receipt Book will be viewed seriously. If it happens, the field staff concerned should inform regional Office via mail/phone & file complaint with the local police station where he misplace the Provisional receipt book.
  1. Any Receipt-set, which is filled-up wrongly and cancelled should not be issued to the customer, but should be preserved. The signature portion at the bottom may be turn-off as a security measure, and the cancelled set, returned to authorised person of the Company. Under no circumstances such sets can be destroyed by the Field Staff.

Issue of Provisional receipt book to field staff 

When the Field Staff visits regional Office once every month (generally around the 7th of every month for receiving his salary), he must bring the receipt book and produce the same for verification to the Sr. Manager (Accounts). At this occasion, if he feels, he may take the current Receipt Book and issue a New Book to the Field Satff.



  1. Cash Receipt Book issued to the field staff may normally contain 50 printed receipt forms, each in asset of three i.e. originial receipt with a duplicate and triplicate.
    The original receipt is intended to be issued to the dealer/distributor/customer from, whom cash is collected. The duplicate copy is to be sent to the accounts section with PF-36 at the Regional Office and the triplicate copy is the office copy to be retained with the Field Staff in the book. However, after completion field staff  will deposit to the procurement & supply officer before taking next book.
  1. While approving their tour-programme, the field staff will be given a list of Debtors in the place (s) to be visited by them. Where considered necessary, Accounts section will send reminders to the concerned Dealer/Distributor/customer requesting them to make the payment to the representative of the company (by name) and handover a duplicate copy of the same to the concerned field staff. 
  1. The Field Staff should visit the Dealer/Distributor/customer and request for payment. If the amount is received, receipt for the amount may be issued to the Dealer/Distributor. In case of the Dealer/Distributor/customer does not pay and request for further time, efforts should be made to collect at least a part payment. Details of collections made, or statements/reasons tendered by the Dealer/Distributor for non-payment should be entered by the Field Staff in his day-to day Dairy, which is required to be maintained by him.
  1. Field staff should use their pursuance skill in collecting old dues from Dealer/Distributor/customer. Results shown by them will be recorded at Regional Office and will be taken into account, while rating their performance overall.
  1. Field Staff is not allowed to keep over night custody of cash with them. They should purchase a demand draft in favour of the Company payable at New Delhi, for the amount collected, less Bank commission. When the amount collected is small (less than Rs.5000/-) and they expect further collection on the next day, they may hold the same with them upto the next day. However, in case of loss of cash, the field staff concerned will be asked to compensate for the same.
  1. If the employee is to visit Marketing Division within 48 hours of collecting the cash, he may purchase the draft and bring the same with him, along with statement. But in no case more than Rs.5000/- should be carried during journey. Normally the demand draft application form carries a counter-fiol, where the amount of commission paid is indicated. This should be invariably obtained and submitted by the field staff with the remittance-list. If the counter-fiol is not provided, they should request the bank to obtain a voucher for the commission paid.
  1. If the Employee is staying for more than 48 hours, a list giving details of collection made PF-36 along with the demand draft purchased, should be sent to the company at the earliest available possibility by an approved courier or by speed post, if such service is available at the post office at the place of visit.
  1. Cash collected in settlement of company’s dues should not be utilized by the field staff for their own imprest requirement, unless they obtain a  specific permission. No general permission can be granted.