(By Dealer in case of loss of documents)


This Indemnity Bond is made at New Delhi on    this _____day _______, __________ by M/s _____________through its Partner ____________S/o Shri ______________R/o ________________________in favour of M/s. PREMIER LPG LIMITED, 242, D-21 Corporate Park, Near Sec-8 Metro Station, Sector-21 Dwarka, New Delhi-110078.

WHEREAS we have obtained LPG Gas Agency from M/s. Premier LPG Ltd., Dwarka, New Delhi and released connection to the consumers and also issued security/service vouchers to them.

AND WHEREAS we have not handed over, original documents of consumer security vouchers in respect of ____ consumers, the details of which have already been furnished vide our affidavit dated ___________submitted to the Premier LPG Limited, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078.

AND WHEREAS the filled and empty gas cylinders and security/service vouchers could not be handed over to M/s. Premier LPG Limited in view of the non-cooperation of the consumers.

AND WHEREAS there is very likelihood of the dispute being raised by the consumer in respect of the settlement of their claims/refund cases etc.


  1. That we shall be fully responsible to the consumer in the event of their claim in respect of the refund vouchers or any other claim and M/s. Premier LPG Limited shall have no liability of any sort on respect of such claims.
  2. That we shall also be responsible and keep M/s. Premier LPG Limited harmless in the event of any claim arising out of any mishappening in view of non-return of empty gas cylinders or non return of security/service vouchers and in those circumstances, we shall be exclusively and solely responsible for such acts of the consumers. We shall also be personally liable in the process of mishappening due to natural factor or due to the negligence of the consumers or due to any other reasons and also responsible for any claim lodged against Premier LPG Limited. We undertake to indemnify M/s. Premier LPG Limited, in respect to all the claims including the cost of the litigations and also personally liable for the criminal cases(s) instituted, if any, by the consumers.
  3. That we undertake to Indemnify Premier LPG Limited in the event of any Claim, damages or mishappening occurring on account, of the aforesaid factors as stated above and it shall be our exclusive responsibility and Premier LPG Limited have nothing to do with it and shall keep Premier LPG Limited, harmless and fully indemnified from all such claims, criminal cases etc.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have signed this Indemnity Bond on the day, month and year mentioned above in the presence of the following witnesses:-