Chapter – 2 Brief about the company
Points to be discussed (4th day)

Point 1. What do we understand by Parallel Marketing in LPG and why & when it was introduced in India? 
  Parallel Marketing in LPG means where a product is selling by private companies parallel to the Govt. oil companies. The Govt. of India allowed the private entrepreneurs to sell the LPG parallelly under parallel marketing system to meet the increasing demand of domestic connections on non-subsidized rates. 
Point 2. What is parallel marketing system?
  Under Parallel marketing system, the private entrepreneurs were allowed to import the LPG and sell at their own rates. For reference, please study the Gazette Notification No.293 dated April 26, 2000 issued by the Ministry of Petroleum, Govt. of India.
Point 3. How can we say that PLL is the successful Parallel marketer in India?
  We can say proudly that PLL was the 1st company who introduced the private cylinder in the market. As mentioned in detail on our website under the navigation of parallel marketing in LPG, the entrepreneurs faced lot of problems due to which, many companies shut down their shutters but PLL still exists in the market for the last 27 years due to its “wait & watch” policy.  When company faced problem of procurement after  issuing of 20000 connections within 8 months, it stopped issuing new connections and concentrated on regular supply which is being maintained till today.  So, company stopped to take steps ahead and was waiting for the favourable situation. Modi Govt. came to the power & started DBT in the year 2015 and after watching the improved situation for one year, the company opened its corporate office at Delhi and plan to implement its expansion plan which were already prepared in the year 2000 with codified manuals. However, you can visit highlights of the company at our website.
Point 4. How is it possible that, when the company established in the year of 1994 but claiming record of regular supply of LPG since 1993?
  All the details are available under the navigation of History in About us.
Point 5. How much period required to establish an ALDS & bottling plant?
  The reply is available in FAQ at Q. 82 & 83.
Point 6. What do you know about the infrastructure & upcoming projects of PLL?
  You can visit Infrastructure under in the navigation About us. 
Point 7. Why a good management structure is important for a company? 
  Management is important because it helps make decisions about the use of the organizations resources and are concerned with planning, organizing, staffing directing and controlling the organizations activities to reach its objectives. 
Point 8. Describe the PLL management structure in brief? 
  You can get all the details of PLL management structure by clicking management on “Home” page navigation. 
Point 9. On most of places at website, rating 3 has been mentioned whereas on home page grading 3 has been mentioned.  What is the difference between rating and grading? 
  The Govt. issued Gazette Notification in 1995 to obtain compulsory rating from specified agencies & their renewal on yearly basis to stop the entry of the illegal persons in the market. Later on, it was advised to agencies to mentioned grading instead of rating due to confusion of financial status, as the word rating is being used by financial institutions to assess the financial status of all the companies. So, there is no difference between rating and grading for LPG companies to do the business of LPG.