Guidelines for training to all staff as per their roster

Sales Representative

From 12th day to 19th day

SR will submit his daily report on WhatsApp to Distributor/BDM in the evening.

He will start Micro level survey of his area as per guidelines given for the Surveyors for domestic, commercial, industrial purpose. He can take some of his known person to survey the market along with him and search outside persons as surveyors to cover the areas & paid them accordingly.  If he/she get some results during survey, incentive given in the guidelines will be added in his stipend. During Micro level survey, they will also visit the parties who are already in this or similar trade with the intention to associate them as our retailer or mini retailer on the terms & conditions. While selecting retailers/mini retailers,SR will clear the following terms with the interested persons even we have mentioned all in the terms & conditions: –

  1. He will take supply from the distributor at his place any time convenient to distributor to no entry problem.
  2. He has to supply the goods to the customers at his convenient time. However, he can charge extra for the purpose according to time.
  3. When he leave the association-ship or his association is terminated due to any reason, he will refund the amount of all customerswho do not ready to get supply from other nearby associate on same terms.

20th day

He will submit the original survey reports, the copies of which he already submitted on mail, as advised above to Distributor/BDM as the case may be.