PS-4 Consumer Membership Register
PS-5 Stock register
PS-6 outward/inward call register
PS-7 Visitor register
PS-8 Complaint/Suggestion Register
PS-9 Diary Register
PS-10 Dispatch Register
PS-11 Associate turnover register
PS-12 Sales Tax Register
PS-13 Enquriy Register
PS-15 telephone bill payment register
PS-16 Maintain Leave Register
PS-17 Coding of Stationary/Printing Material
PS-18 Material Receipt Register
PS-19 Material Issue Register
PS-20 Requirement Indent Register
PS-21 Individual Accountability Register (Employee)
PS-21A Individual Accountability Register (other than employee)
PS-22 file movement register
PS-23 instruction No. from concerned plant folio of despatch instruction register
PS-26 Petty Cash Register
PS-27 Itemwise supplier information register
PS-28 Purchase Order register
PS-28a Freight Paid Register
PS-31 Consumer Loan Register
PS-32 Instalment Due Register (Associate Wise)
PS-35 Receipt book control register
PS-38 Consumer Service Call Register
PS-40 Specimen for Invitation to Press
PS-55 Vehicle Running log book
PS-56 Affidavit for Exchange of other company cylinder
PS-71 Affidavit By Dealer in case of non-return of cylinders/documents
PS-72 INDEMNITY BOND By Dealer in case of loss of documents
PS-74 Attendance Register
PS-89 Daily Cash Receipt Payment Register