Products / Usage and Demand

Demand of the LPG

The Govt. of India is encouraging the use of LPG for every class of people at market rate and also attempting to reduce subsidy which has created more demand for the Parallel Marketers. Also the demand for Parallel Marketer is increasing day by day due to following actions by the Govt.:

Domestic LPG

Government of India has Introduced Cash subsidy on domestic cylinders , the cost has been declared as per market Read More >> prices (excluding custom, excise and Vat duty) although we also have the same edge on Vat but not on the Excise and Customs duty. It seems, in Near future the Govt. will phase out subsidy completely, making the market evenly open.<< Read Less

Commercial LPG

After the Government of India banned the domestic cylinder for commercial use, making it clear through a Gazzette Read More >> notification in 2000 and have also taken strict actions against people not following the order, people are becoming aware of the rule day by day and switching to commercial LPG which is on non-subsidized rates. Thus creating an equal opportunity for the parallel marketers to grow in this market.<< Read Less

Industrial LPG

It is seen as the cleanest, cheaper and easily available fuel in the market as many of the modern machineries use LPG Read More >> as fuel instead of Charcoal, LDO etc.. The industry has seen many folds increase in consumption of LPG in the past few years. However, there are many industries which still run on the old techniques because they are not aware of the advantages of LPG over other fuels which can be made aware by parallel marketers hence increasing the consumption in the market.<< Read Less

Allied Products

LPG is seen as a substitute fuel in form of energy as many products such as Geysers, Generators, etc. are being run Read More >> on LPG now which were earlier run by other sources of energy. These products are running on non-subsidized LPG creating another segment for the parallel marketers to tap on.<< Read Less

Mini Cylinders

These cylinders can be used for light and cooking purposes even in small kitchen. Read More >>
* Electricity shortage is a common problem all over India thus the mini cylinder can be used for emergency light purposes.
* As it is portable, it can be used for cooking at picnic spots, hostel rooms, PGs etc. as alternate to domestic cylinder.
* This can be used mainly at small food stalls, tea shops, flea market etc. for cooking and light purposes. Also at any place, where there is requirement of less/temporary usage, this can be a handy solution.<< Read Less

Auto LPG

governments in major cities are making compulsory to run public transportation on Read More >> LPG because CNG is not available everywhere. LPG presently is the second choice but as seen in the world market, it will surely become its first choice.<< Read Less

Spreading of Pipeline

The Govt. undertakings are spreading pipelines but in the areas where CNG/LPG/Bio-Gas is available. It is not possible for them to cover all areas within fifty years. They are concentrating on main cities and in particular areas. We would also be concentrating to supply the product even to the rural areas where poor people live in cluster of jhuggies, villages and in unauthorized areas where possibility of laying pipelines is zero. Therefore parallel marketers have huge demand & scope in future.