Recruitment, selection & Training of staff

Inadequate staff may hamper work flow but excess staff results inefficiency, and lack of discipline. Assessment of staff requirement cadre wise should be based on quick flow of work with provision of full day’s job to each employee and also to meet contingency needs like leave and seasonal increase in work –load.

When employees are having inadequate work, on account of rationalization of procedure, computerization, transfer of functions to plant/regional or area offices etc., the requirement of staff will get reduced. When the workload of the section increases, the staff strength will be increased so the vacancies in any department/section may be caused on account of following: –

  1. Increase in the volume of work in the section;
  2. Resignation or leaving service by any existing employee, or
  3. Termination of services of any employee.


When a vacancy in some section/department is identified, the departmental head should verify the work load of remaining employees of the section in the first instance to ensure that they are having full day’s job and the work cannot be completed by rationalization of work load. Following to that, Dept. Head may submit the requisition on PF-51 “staff strength revision proposal” keeping in view the criteria for assessing suitability with justification of work-load of existing staff of that section to CMD through M(A) for sanction of post as every division/department of the company will have its staff strength sanctioned by the managing director of the company. M(A) will verify the need of staff & after verification may check whether any staff can be adjusted from any other department within the company or recruitment to be made from external source.


Suitability for sanction should be based on the kind of job to be performed.


Good physique and personality, dependability bases on good reference, experience in handling security arms and past service in army or police acquainted with fire fighting equipments.

For drivers

Good physique possession of license of driving medium/heavy vehicles, dependability basis on good reference, past employment details and tendency of candidate to stick to a place for 3 to 5 years at least at a stretch and most important previous experience in driving vehicle (preferably 5 years, minimum 3 years) willingness to accept flexible working hours and for travelling on duty to outstations etc. conversent with important routes/places.

Clerical staff

Commerce graduates should be preferred for certain vacancies than arts graduates.

Capacity to express in English/local language with minimum proficiency and to draft elementary correspondence.

Knowledge of computer operation & typing on computer.

Suitability for further promotion (senior clerk). Section superintendent, administrative manager etc.

Officer & executive vacancies

Job requirements involve getting work from subordinates, minimum leadership qualities to install discipline and motivate staff; capacity to show results on the assignment entrusted. Insist on very bright academic carrier with further emphasis on extra curricular activates.

Professional qualification in business management, finance, personnel or marketing as may be relevant for the post.

After sanction, the vacancies can be filled through fresh recruitment by recruitment officer with co-ordination of Dept. Head by following the method of recruitment.

Methods of fresh recruitment

The following methods can be adopted :-

  1. Through online portal via. / LinkedIn etc.
  2. Through newspaper advertisement
  3. Through placement services of government agencies like Rajya Sainik board, employment exchange & govt. vocational training centers etc.
  4. Professional educational institutes like-APTECH,NIIT, National Institute of sales, Institute of chartered financial Analysts.
  5. Private placement agencies.

Advertisement in newspaper

Newspaper advertisement is an ideal method, but it is costly and time consuming which should be avoided in case of single vacancy. However, when a number of persons even under different cadres are to be recruited, go for advertisement because good candidate with experience can be selected.

Placement services of govt. agencies

Rajya Sainik board

These are constitutes in each district. To keep the Indian army young, officers & soldiers are retired at their middle age and the sainik boards looks after their resettlement in new jobs. Defense service personnel are a very disciplined force and obey orders with utmost discipline. They secure several skills while in service. Army establishments even after retirement enforce conduct regulations on them rigorously, as defense pensioners. Recruitment of watch & ward personnel, administrative officers, factory managers etc. who are to control and supervise large number of employees or workers can be made through this agency. This is cost free.

Recruitment through employment exchange

This is also cost free. However the employment exchange may refer eligible candidates based only on the priority of their registration. This is an ideal source for recruitment of casual labourers, and also for clerical staff in temporary vacancies.

Recruitment through vocational Training centers

To tackle the problems of unemployment, different state governments through the director of employment & training have organized training institutes to give skill-based training to unemployed boys and girls in specific vocations, and permit employers in factories & establishments to recruit them. This will be useful for recruitment of group of candidates in technical cadre at the lowest level, but the disadvantage in this scheme is that our discretion to filter and select candidates of our choice will be limited.

Professional institutes

This is cost free. Can be utilized in case of recruitment of individual candidates. We get fresher, but with good qualification.

Private placement agencies

There are eminent companies like A.B.C. consultants Ltd., Fergussan associates which are costly but they are useful for selection of very top-level executives on all India basis. Service of small agencies should be availed only on proper verification of their credentials.


In case of newspaper advertisement

  1. Selection of newspaper

English papers have a much higher circulation. Advertisement can be released in prominent newspaper of the region. For delhi employment news, times of india and Hindustan times have good circulation and carry large number of employment ads. For certain professional posts and higher cadre posts advertisement should be released in classified advertisement columns which are comparatively cheaper than box advertisements.

For class IV employees, driver clerk & technical cadre etc. the national papers like ‘nav bharat times’ , ‘punjab kaiseri’ & ‘sandhya times’ should be preferred, which are very cheaper.

  1. Text of Advertisement

The text of the advertisement is the message that we convey to the persons, who should meet our exact requirements. This is important  to attract the correct types of applicants and to avoid over-crowded response from people, who may not be suitable for us. There are two parts in the text, the first one what we expect from the candidate, the job-description, age limit, the academic & professional qualifications, previous experience etc. in the second part we should attract the applicants and motivate them to apply. These include broad information about the advertiser i.e. our company, the emoluments offered including perks, if any allowed. If the company pays bonus, retirement benefits like P.F/gratuity, leave benefits, T.A./D.A eligibility, conveyance should be mentioned.

When there is scope in the cadre, for promotional opportunities, this should also be mentioned. When the company rewards merit and has incorporated incentive schemes it is worth mentioning the same. However, care should be taken that only factual statement is made and no false promises/baits are expressed in the advertisement.

Other important provisions

Mention to whom the applications should be addressed. If eligible candidates are proposed to be called for interview, this should be mentioned. We may also advise applicants to superscribe the envelops with their application, “application for the post of ————————–“. This will facilitate, sorting of the applications at point of receipt and forwarding to the concerned person without opening the envelops, i.e. maintaining utmost secrecy. The person who process application will open the envelops and the others will not get to know, who have applied.


  1. Same data as applicable to advertisement should be gathered.
  2. Employment exchange & sainik boards etc.

Since people will be deputed as per seniority of their registration with the concerned bodies, the text of eligibility criteria etc. is not significant at the same level. However, it is desirable candidates knows as much information is as good for them to know. Generally, the same data may be prepared.

First select the mode through which recruitment is to be made.

If newspaper advertisement

We may utilize the service of advertisement agencies for releasing the advertisement. Advantage is that payment can be made after release of the advertisement and we secure discounts from the agents. The release matter should be approved by the CEO/C.M.D.

If any other mode of recruitment is selected

Write a letter to the appropriate person as under:-

Employment exchange The employment officer

Employment Exchange

Vocational institute The director of concerned institute
Professional institute The counseller, student placement cell, (to the institute)
Placement agency To the chief executive of the agency.

Conveying the text of our requirement of applications for employments.

On receipt of application follow the guidelines mentioned in the duties and responsibilities of Recruitment Officer at our website.