• Two operational bottling plants - Bhiwadi, and Gulabpura (Distt. Bhilwara, Rajasthan), with total storage capacity of 80 M.T. of LPG and refill capacity of 5000 cylinders per day. The required basic infrastructure viz. labour, water, transportation and electricity etc. are available. Both units have respective power backups in case of power failure.
  • One approved godown at Najafgarh, Delhi.
  • Company’s Regd. office at best location in Dwarka, Delhi at Corporate Park Sector-21 (approachable by airport metro & yellow line metro near the airport)

Four Auto LPG Dispensing Stations in Uttar Pradesh running under different category:

    1. Etawah
    2. Auriya
    3. Mau
    4. Farrukhabad

Four at NOC stage:

    1.   Gulabpura (Bhilwara, Rajasthan)
    2.   Mount Road (prime location of Chennai)
    3.   Miller Road (prime location of Chennai)
    4.   Bottling plant at Bishnupur, District - Bankura, Kolkata

Project under processing at company Level:-

  1. Bottling plant at Siliguri.
  2. Bottling plant at Bihar
  3. Bottling plant at Guwahati
  4. ALDS at Kolkata garden ritch

Project awaiting:-

Bottling & Blending unit at Kanpur, Bottling unit at radius of 500 kms. all over India, Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS) all over India in cities

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& more under consideration for process to get approval from Chief Controller of Explosives.