Job Openings for Business Consultant, Freelancer, Laisioning Consultant and Surveyors.


  • Well educated persons who can do well in marketing and are interested to establish their own business, but could not start due to non-availability of infrastructure and investment required for the business.
  • As a Business Consultant for our company, you will initially work as Area Sales Representatives on Salary plus Commission basis to establish network of the company and thereafter for promotion of sales in their well known area/home town.

The selected candidates will get practical training from time to time based on our Comprehensive training literature (including manual systems, procedural guidelines) for each and every operational task.

Why LPG Business?

  • Immense/unlimited demand of LPG from domestic/commercial consumers.
  • Govt. policies/rates/service makes it easier for us to compete with them.
  • Business also creates other sources of income/avenues of business.
  • No worry about availability of the product and fulfilling any degree of increased demand.
  • The business has a bright future, since the demand for LPG will never end.
  • The business also earns respect and dignity.


Send Resume: Interested candidates may send their resumes along with Application form for Employment with supporting documents on E-Mail or by Post.

Candidates Shortlisting: The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed over the phone by representative of the company and will offer the job to suitable candidates to survey the market and to submit correct report on the Performa’s supplied by the company.

Verification of Performa Reports and Payments: On receiving the details from candidates, after verification of correctness of report, company will pay the conveyance charges spent by the candidates immediately who submit the survey reports.

Personal Interview & Appointment as BDM or Territory Manager: Thereafter, the company will call the suitable candidates for personal interview for which lodging, Boarding and travelling expenses shall be paid to the candidates & offer them suitable job i.e. Sales representative, Business Development Manager, or Territory Manager with some targets.

Work as Business Associate: On successful completion of targets by the candidate, the company will offer him to work as Business Associates of the areas.