Premier publicity strategy

Premier believes in innovation. The contents and types of programs are kept open and flexible. They can be changed according to place and times but the sequence of operation will remain as per Premier standards. As an instance, the dealer/distributor/retailer/mini-retailer for LPG & dealer (Auto LPG) will have to decorate their shop/office as per design/layout for office and godown as described in points below.

In addition, after completion of decoration of shop & before the start of supply under trial, they should concentrate on the outdoor publicity & Inaugural function also described as under:-

  1. Associate should enquire either from the municipal committee of his/her area or any other government authorities deals in publicity to allow  display 100 pillars and 4 hoardings for three months against some charges which should be deposited by the associates.
  2. Associate should display minimum 100 poles (5’ x 3’) of size & 4 hoarding minimum size (10’ x 20’) as per sample attached as PS-XII ‘Trial run start’.
  3. Before 2 days of inauguration, Associate should change the flex of pillar & hoarding with inauguration as per PS-XIII.
  4. Associate should follow the guidelines issued for inaugural functions from our literature as per category of associates.
  5. The associates should also select the newspaper of his/her area & publish advertisement in the newspaper inviting the public at large to attend the inauguration function as per specimen (PS- 40).
  6. Associate should choose the publicity mode from the rate list of publicity & launch accordingly. After 10 days, Associate should change the flex introducing some beneficial scheme for consumer & distribute following posters in the area:-
    a) Poster- Kya chahenge aap (small size)
    b) Poster- Complaints & suggestions (small size)
Design & layout of distributor’s office & godown
  • The design and layout of the distributor’s office should provide a quick disposal of visitor’s work and ensure smooth flow of routine within the office. Space should be rationalized by providing counter-type seats for the clerk/receptionist, so that he/she can attend exclusively to the routine work of the customer/retailer/dealers coming to the office, while important customers and dealers/retailers having specific work with the distributor can be attended at his/her own seat.
  • The small cabin/table of the distributor should be located near the entrance for easy access to people coming to meet him/her and the distributors should be able to know the immediate presence of the people visiting the office.
  • There should be a sitting arrangement for 2 or 3 visitors at the office, while they are waiting to meet the distributors, busy with other customers/persons.
  • The wall-space in front of the visitor’s waiting place should be covered with display material as described in the table below, so that it catches the easy attention of the visitors coming to the shop.
  • Office records, stationary in stock and publicity material should be securely kept in an almirah. Records should be under lock & key overnight.

Outside showroom (shutter) side wall

There should be a wall painting with the company name at the side wall of the shutter on the outer side of the office. The sign board outside the shop/office should be prominently placed at the entrance. If the shop is not located on the main road, the distributor may also place indicator boards on route from the main road to lead the way to the shop. Additional small vertically placed boards either at the left or right corner of the shop can help indicate the shop from a distance in the locality.

Display of publicity & informative material for associate office/showroom

  • The Display of Publicity posters should be pleasing and informative. It should give comprehensive knowledge about Premier to the consumer.
  • Display should be of standard dimensions, properly sorted and grouped to have a sequential and visually impressive effect.
  • Customers should keep in mind that all documents should have validity. In case of expiry, he/she should get a new document from the company.

 Display in shop/showroom/office (front wall)for LPG products

 On entrance at visible place (side wall) inside the office

Other side wall

Any other items with the consent of associate: He/She can discuss with the BDM of the area but without approval in writing from head office of the company, no publicity is allowed even on the cost of associate.

Company will provide one folder containing certain documents about parallel marketer authorization, newspaper cuttings, company cutting about parallel marketers, company since inception & current period which should be kept in his/her office at reception.

Exhibition stall

Initially, this should be started at the associate's place i.e. opposite his/her shop/office/ALDS by placing Premier canopy display program under Premier umbrella. 5 umbrellas can be put extra to attract the people. The organizer of the exhibition will not use electric generators, but only' PREMIER' petromax lights, when light off in the area. There should be sufficient attraction within the exhibition for a visitor to stay and spend 15 to 20 minutes. Spot booking can also be accepted on behalf of dealers.

Indirect media publicity

Associates should get acquainted with all press reporters in their area and establish trust-worthy relationships with them. They should be invited to inaugural functions to write about our product & publicity and should be addressed by V.l.P i.e. editor of the locally popular press. This practice can be adopted on special occasions like Diwali, Holi, etc. When advertisements are released in city newspapers, the names and address of our dealers/distributor of the area should be mentioned therein.

Newspapers & magazines

Our approach is a package approach and newspapers publicity should be linked with our other varieties of publicity programmes e.g. when our umbrella Show is demonstrated at any place, our advertisement in the local newspaper along with a coverage by the newspaper about the umbrella programme will be a package. During an inaugural function of associate our advertisement along with coverage on the function and if possible conducting an interview of our marketing manager with the newspaper correspondent should be published in the paper. This will be one such package. We should select locally popular newspapers and magazines often read by the middle-class householders and women in particular. Scripts for such advertisements should be brief, informative and powerful and should be drafted with care. Design of advertisement should be attractive and such that the reader retains the message in his/her mind.

Digital marketing

“Digital Marketing – are all marketing activities that use an electronic device or internet.” The most effective and economical publicity can now be done in this new age of e-commerce. It will not be wrong to say that an average person spends more than an hour everyday on his/her phone than on anything else. Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Youtube, Google etc. are the perfect new age medium to attract all consumers. Lead campaigns, pay per click, bulk emails/sms etc. can be done in the region needed. We support digital campaigns along with our associates to get maximum results.

 TV channel

This is a powerful media. We may advertise through specific regional channels, in areas where we can make quick progress.


Thereafter, a cluster of hoarding should be displayed at a distance of every 50 kms, on inner and state highway as well as on important national highways wherever needed e.g. for Delhi surroundings (G.T road, highway from Delhi to Mussoorie, Delhi to Shimla, Delhi to Nainital, Delhi to Alwar, Delhi to Jaipur etc.). This will give continuous visual publicity to the travelers on these widely used highways. The locations for such hoarding should be carefully selected at road-bends and other points, where vehicle drivers normally apply the brake and can have a glance at the hoarding.

LPG godown:
  • The godown is an extension of the office. It is advisable to have the godown as near as possible to the shop, but it may not be always possible. In such cases it will be advisable to have a separate telephone line for the godown, so that easy exchange of information and communication is possible.
  • The original license of the godown issued by the CCOE should be kept safely and it is advisable that only photo-copies are displayed both at the office and in the godown premises.
  • LPG is as safe as any other fuel, if the safety precaution laid down in the cylinder rules, 1981, forming part of the explosives act is strictly adhered. It will be advisable to also display instructions as mentioned in PL-20 on the wall at the godown, so that easy reference is always possible.
  • The safety precautions as laid down by the government must be compulsorily followed. Over stocking of LPG beyond the licensed capacity should not be made. Stocking of the cylinders in proper rows with inter-row gaps and also gaps between cylinder and wall should be observed. The LPG godown should not be operated/opened before sunrise or after sunset. Comprehensive insurance of stocks and public liability is a statutory responsibility which should be strictly followed.
  • The dealer should use terms & conditions for maintenance of godown attached with the license particularly clause 15 of the same for display.
 Transport arrangement
  • A smooth-functioning transport arrangement for quick movement of LPG stocks from the godown to the place(s) of the retailer/customer and bringing back the empty cylinders from there should be organized. The distributors are welcomed who have their own delivery vehicle. If it is not owned, suitable steps should be taken for hiring of the vehicle. Dealer should display our cylinders on both sides as well as back side with dealer's name and phone number with our customer care number +91-8302-122-122
  • Distributors are also invited to forward us suitable proposals covering transport arrangements for getting their supplies from the company’s godown/plants, as a substitute for the over-burdened transport system of the company. While the company welcomes such proposals, it will also be more suited for the distributor to have a captive arrangement under his/her own control. The company will be reimbursing the cost of transport from the company’s storage point to the place of the distributors at rationally based standard rates.