How this is a ‘Risk Free Business Opportunity’?

In our Business Opportunity section, you may have gone through the investment chart summary, terms and investment needed for different types of collaboration possible between you and us. If not, we highly recommend you to read “Summary Chart of Investment” and determine what is the right level of investment for yourself.

Before you decide which type of engagement you prefer, you may want to evaluate how this business works and what is the return on investment? Another common dilemma everyone faces is why we are demanding the security deposit in addition to the payment you need to make in advance for the material?

Please click here and go through why there is a need of Security?

To assure you that the security deposit is safe with us and it is completely risk free opportunity, we can offer:

Option 1

  • 5% or 8% simple interest per annum on the security deposit. (as the case may be)
  • Exit from the business anytime within one year and we will refund your security amount with interest

Option 2

  • Bank guarantee of the equivalent security amount for the period of one year
  • Flexibility in your hands if you like to exit from this business and withdraw your security amount from the bank (in case company refuses to refund OR if of any dispute arises)

How this business work and what is the return on investment?

The most practical way to learn and evaluate a business opportunity is to do it by yourself at a small scale and then expand it further once you are ready. Expansion requires a ready infrastructure (warehouse duly approved by Department of Explosives), transportation arrangement and adequate office staff. As a very first step, we ask you to complete all the formalities needed and submit papers for the warehouse approval. After that, while you are waiting for the approval which takes some time, Premier LPG offers you to start working with us under an “Interim Arrangement”. In this arrangement, we provide you ::

  1. Material (cylinders, regulators etc.) equivalent to the investment amount
  2. Secure a desired area/state where you want to work
  3. Necessary training to establish the business
  4. Start earning from early days which will help you to cover all the cost you have incurred thus far

To read further about the arrangement, please click “Supply under Interim Arrangement”