Welcome To Premier LPG

A Profile Of Growth & Achievement:

Premier LPG was founded in 1993 by Shri B.D. Dhamija, when Government announced Distribution by the Private Entrepreneurs under Parallel Marketing system. The company is selling LPG in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors and maintained the record of regular supply since 1993 without any complaint. Company is also getting Rating Certificate from ICRA since 1995 regularly. Company believing in transparent policy & long- terms relationship. Company also support to his associates in all respect i.e. arranging working capital from Banks/ NBFC, completion of statutory requirements from various department & guidelines for day to day affairs and record maintenance. Lately since 2007, it is also an approved ‘Operator’/Franchiser of Auto-LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS).



Provide cylinders for domestic and commercial use at doorstep

Demonstration of using the product

Assist in converting Petrol Vehicles to LPG

Regular and timely supply

Provide On-Site Installation and Maintenance services


Educate customers on safety guidelines

Highlights about the company:

  • First company in LPG parallel marketing since privatization of LPG in 1993.
  • An authorized operator and franchiser of Auto LPG.
  • Record of regular supplying.
  • Regularly rated by ‘ICRA’ and acquires all requisite licenses/permissions.
  • Operates two company-owned bottling plants, one at Bhiwadi & other at Gulabpura (Distt.- Bhilwara).
  • Auto LPG Dispensing Station at Etawah (U.P) and two Auto LPG Dispensing station pump is in Installation stage one in Auraiya and other is in Mau


  • PLL is the first Company in parallel marketing since privatization of LPG in 1993.
  • PLL offers direct Commercial / Industrial LPG at competitive rates with unbeatable service and quality.
  • It is being rated by “ICRA” regularly
  • PLL has bulk suppliers/transporters all over India.
  • PLL is making an un-interrupted supply of LPG to consumers since over 25 years.
  • PLL believes in long term relationship and works in a planned, organized and professional manner.
  • The company offers domestic LPG connection with an option of availing the 12 months EMI plan directly or through its Business Associates / Distributors/ Dealers / Retailers.
  • PLL offers business opportunity, for working with us as Associates or Territory Manager.
  • PLL offers attractive and incomparable profit in the business.

Why Work as PLL Associate or Territory Manager?

  • Risk-free business opportunity in the LPG sector.
  • Attractive and incomparable profit in the business.
  • Offers transferable Associationship.
  • Can avail cash credit limit against security deposit, at nominal interest rate.
  • Assists in arranging the working capital/commercial loan from bank/NBFC.
  • Assists in obtaining licenses/registration from Explosive Dept. and various other departments.
  • Provides training to staff and guidance for day to day affairs & record maintenance.

What our Associates will get?

  • Associationship Certificate.
  • Copy of Gazettee Notification issued in the year 2000 by Govt. of India in continuation of Notification 1993 introducing Parallel Marketing System in India.
  • Photocopy of Valid Rating Certificate which is compulsory for Company to work as parallel marketer of LPG.
  • Photocopies of Licenses for filling & storing of LPG in Pressure Vessels and after filling in Godown, issued by Chief Controller of Explosive, Nagpur of Company.
  • Associationship Agreement with Company.

Benefits to our customers:

  • Delivery at door step within 24 hours.
  • Offers Consumer Loan for connection.
  • No installment in case we lack in supply.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Accidental insurance policy.
  • Can claim GST.

A new connection user will get the following:

  1. Filled Cylinder
  2. Regulator
  3. Pipe
  4. Subscription voucher (should keep in safe custody to get the refund in time)
  5. Instruction Pamphlet (for installation & removal of Regulator)
  6. Pass Book
  7. Gas Lighter with Knife (Gift Item)