Welcome to Premier LPG Limited

A profile of growth & achievement:

Premier LPG Limited was founded by Shri B.D Dhamija in 1994, when Indian government announced distribution by the private entrepreneurs under parallel marketing system. The company is selling LPG in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors since 1993 and has maintained a record of regular supply without any complaint. Company is also getting rating/Grading certificate from ICRA/Crisil since 1995 regularly. The company’s principles and policies are transparent. It encourages long-term relationships in all spheres and aspects. The company also supports all its associates in all respect such as arranging working capital from Banks/Nbfcs, completion of statutory requirements from various departments & guidelines for day to day affairs and record maintenance. Lately since 2007, it is also an approved ‘Operator’/Franchiser of Auto-LPG Dispensing Stations all over India.

Services Provided by PLL

  • Provide cylinders for domestic, commercial and industrial users at their doorsteps.
  • Installation of VOT/LOT LPG gas banks.
  • Conversion of furnaces/boilers etc. running on different fuels to LPG.
  • Assist in converting Petrol vehicles to LPG.
  • Installation of AUTO LPG Dispensing Station/Bunk.
  • Provide license for running ALDS/Bunk all over India duely approved by Chief Control of explosives.
  • Providing complete guidance to its associates for approval/NOCs from competent authorities & training for running the business successfully in all respect.



Provide cylinders for domestic and commercial use at doorstep

Demonstration of using the product

Assist in converting Petrol Vehicles to LPG

Regular and timely supply

Provide installation of VOT/LOT LPG gas bank and its maintenance

Educate customers on safety guidelines