Premier LPG offers lucrative business opportunities for anyone who is looking for a long lasting business and regular income. The company is offering 3 levels of Associations.

Why LPG business?

Immense/unlimited demand of LPG from domestic/commercial consumers.
Govt. policies/rates/service makes it easier for us to compete with them.
Business also creates other sources of income.
No worry about availability of the product and fulfilling any degree of increased demand.
The business has a bright future, since the demand for LPG will never end.
The business also earns respect and dignity.


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Why become an Associate with Premier LPG Limited?

The Company…

  1. Is the first Company in parallel marketing since privatization of LPG in 1993.
  2. Is making un-interrupted supply of LPG to consumers since over 23 years.
  3. Is an authorized franchiser/operator of Auto LPG.
  4. Has all requisite licenses/permissions to operate as parallel marketeer independently.
  5. Is being rated by “ICRA” regularly
  6. Has infrastructure of two bottling plants in North India and is in process to tie up in other parts of the country.
  7. Has bulk suppliers/transporters all over India.
  8. Offers risk-free opportunity to Associates for working in LPG business with no investment with the Company initially.
  9. Offers attractive and incomparable profit in the business.
  10. Offers transferable Associationship.
  11. Offers support for arrangement of working capital against mortgage of property or any other collateral security from financial institutions.
  12. Offers transparent policy to work as Associates in any capacity.
  13. Allows Distributor to recommend Retailer for marketing network.
  14. Offers supply of cylinders against rent only.
  15. Allows exchange of cylinders of closed companies.
  16. Allows Distributor to take deposit of cylinder from consumer.
  17. Allows Associates to purchase items from open market of approved brand & from approved manufacturer.
  18. Work in a planned, organized and professional manner.
  19. Believes in long term relationship.


The summary of terms & conditions and projected profitability have been prepared on practical basis and statistical facts. The business promises good profits after meeting the expenses. Moreover, the Company has committed for taking responsibility of providing staff at the same rate as shown in the projected profitability statement. The detailed terms and condition will be given on demand. The ‘Associate’ (or the entrepreneur who joins hands with us) is free to invest money after spending his convenient time with the company and can start work even with a Bank Guarantee. However, he will get a lesser margin in working against Bank Guarantee as he has to pay the rent of cylinders but there is possibility that after satisfaction he can pay the amount and increase his margin. In any way, the margin is better as compared to investment/risk involved in any other business. The company is offering Associationship without investment with the company initially. The survival of the Associate is sure because he can be successful on sale on even very less quantity. Also, we will not be taking any unnecessary amount as being taken in today’s date by other Franchiser/company. We have planned the association in such a manner that people can increase business with their own income.