Customer Price List for connection & LPG

Consumer Connection Rates

Connection With stove
12KG 15KG 17KG 33KG
Cylinder Security
700 700
1200 1500 1700 4000
Document Charge
200 200
400 400 400 400
Regulator Security/Stove
250 330
250 250 250 250
Gas Pipe
190 ----
190 190 190 190
1340 1230
2040 2340 2540 4840
LPGPrevailing rate of Government oil company for commercial rate inclusive 18% GST in his area. For domestic 5% GST will be charged.
Lpg rate of preferred states, i.e. Patna, Delhi, Gurgaon,Kolkata and Bhiwadi is attached. Lpg rate for all other states, except the above mentioned states, is similar to the lpg rates of PSU companies .

Note: As per government policy parallel marketers are not eligible for subsidy.

  • Only cylinder security extra will be charged for DBC for all sizes.
  • Customer can get connection on any ID proof.
  • Customer can also get connection by paying Rs 1000/- under consumer loan scheme.
  • No limit for commercial & industrial refill whereas domestic 2 refills are allowed per month
  • Cylinder security is refundable on the terms printed over leaf of the security voucher issued by the company with associate’s stamps.
  • Rs. 200/- off against old cylinder of capacity up to 5 kg and Rs. 500/- for above sizes.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Above price list supersedes all previous price list.
  2. Company reserves the right to revise the price without prior notice.
  3. GST input can be availed for commercial/industrial use.
  4. Rs. 30/- per cylinder cartage can be charged by associates extra for home delivery.
  5. In case of any clarification, please get in touch with Sales Office.

In case of any clarification, please get in touch with customer-care no. 8302-122-122.