Products /Usage and Demand

Mini Cylinder

We sell these Mini Cylinders in open market and provide refilling of such cylinders in legal way via our retailer network on very cheaper rates as compared to the refills being sold in open market and Govt. Oil Companies.

Plus Point:- When and Where can be used :-
01.Minimum connection charges.
02.Safe & strong mark  duly approved by BIS & explosive deptt.
03.No tension of accident.
04.Available with stove & light.
05.Available with DBC facility.
06.Exchangeable, no wait for filling.
07.Returnable as big cylinder.
08.Normal refill charges.
09.Assured full quantity
10.Cost bearable being less quantity.
11.Easy to carry in Hill area & tours.
12.Delivery at door step.
13.Delivery within 24 hours at convenient time of customer.
14.Less space required in kitchen.
15.Easily available in every corner all over India.
16.No tension of transfer, can carry anywhere when transfer.
17.No limit of quantity of refill.
18.No banned for commercial & industrial use.
19.Can be kept as spare for use in emergencies like shutdown/
maintenance of png line etc.
01.In small kitchen
02.During get to gather like kitty party
03.When normal stove busy
04.During gathering of guest
05.Student staying at PG. & in Hostel.
06.By labour class to avoid costly and illegal cylinder.
07.During Tirth Yatra
08.During tour in hill station
09.At the corner of river
10.Can use in picnic for heat the cooked food
11.Can enjoy candle dinner
12.Outdoor catering
13.By shopkeeper of less consumption
14.By shopkeeper on trolley
15.By roadside vendors
16.Small tea stall
17.In weekly bazaar
18.By shopkeeper of chholle bhature
19.On the corner of shop for Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa, Tikki etc.
20.By welder in industry
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