Engagement Letter to Business Consultant
on Company Letter Head




Sub.:    Engagement as “Business Consultant” for Development of Business for Auto LPG and LPG in the State of__________________.


Please refer to your application for engagement of Business Consultant for Premier LPG Limited for selling of Auto LPG and LPG, the management is pleased to accept your application and hereby engage you as ‘Business Consultant’ from the date of issue of this letter for liaisoning /coordination in appointment of Associates of different categories for Auto LPG & LPG on the terms & Conditions prescribed by the company. This engagement is subject to the terms stated in this letter and your acceptance of the same. You are requested to sign a copy of this letter as an acknowledgement of having understood and accepted the roles, responsibilities and other terms as mentioned hereunder:-

  1. That you shall mobilize a large number of reputed and financially sound parties to set up and operate Auto LPG Dispensing Station (hereinafter referred to as “ALDS”) and Associates of different categories for LPG business who are eligible as per terms & conditions of the company in various towns and cities of the above state.
  2. That you can either mobilize the above leads directly or through Freelancer/ Liaisoning Consultant /Surveyor engaged by you on the terms prescribed by the company through an engagement offer letter to be issued by the company.
  3. That the roles & responsibilities for all categories of Associates are defined in the terms & conditions of each category which have been provided by the company to you separately.
  4. That you will help/Co-ordinate in completion of formalities by his Associates for quick commencement of their business with the Company as well as the Local Authorities and complete the all steps to be taken as per guidelines issued by the company in Step by Step action by Associate as Distributor/Dealer/Retailer/Dealer (Auto LPG) & Consultant in execution of project.
  5. That you will abide by all the terms & conditions already explained & signed by you and terms of agreement executed by you with the company.
  6. That you are authorize to get payment on behalf of the company either through D.D/Cheque in favour of ‘Premier LPG Limited’ payable at Delhi for visiting charges etc. against a valid provisional receipt. However, in any case you will not be allowed accept any payment in cash or extra amount out of the terms and conditions of the company.

We wish you great success and prosperity in the business.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

For Premier LPG Limited


(B. D. Dhamija)

Authorized Signatory


Encl.: As Above