Letter of Intent on Company Letter Head to the
Dealer (Auto LPG)


No: F2(3)_ /2018/PLL

( Month )            2018.

(Name & Address of Party)


Sub:  Letter of Intent for Auto LPG Dispensing Station at_(District)____________ 

Dear Sir,

Please refer to your application dated __________ for installation of Auto LPG Dispensing Station in the name of ______________________________________________________ __at___________________________________________________________on the terms and conditions of Dealer Owned Dealer Operated Scheme of the company. The management of the Company has agreed to accept your application for the same and issue this Letter of Intent.


Now, We are enclosing copy of Draft Lease Deed for execution and registration of Lease Deed with Sub Registrar, _____________,in favour of the company through its representative Shri._____________________. Copy of Resolution authorizing Shri._________________for execution of Lease Deed attached. Please inform the date for registration of Lease Deed directly to the representative at his Mobile No. _______________


Please note that this letter is being issued for the purposes of applying NOC from Distt. Magistrate ___________ and registration of  G.S.T etc. only. That you will not be allowed to collect money on any grounds on behalf of the company from any person(s) and shall not misuse it under any different manner.


After getting Lease Deed registered from Sub Registrar, __________, you will deposit the same with the company for further necessary action in the matter

We further wish you great success and prosperity in the business.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.


Thanking you,

Yours truly,

For Premier LPG Limited


(B.D. Dhamija)

Authorized Signatory


 Encl.: As above