Forwarding Letter on Company Letter Head to
D.M. of the area for issue of NOC


(Month)              2018

Hon’ble District Magistrate

Sub: Proposed Auto LPG Dispensing Station in the name of M/s________________     ____________________________.                 

 Respected Sir,

We would like to introduce ourselves as Parallel Marketer of Auto LPG duly licensed by Chief Controller Of Explosive, Ministry Of Commerce & Industry, Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization, Government Of India, Nagpur. We are enclosing followings documents for your kind perusal and record:-

  1. Copy of Gazette Notification No. 393 dated 01.08.2001 issued by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas allowing LPG to use as Motor Fuel
  2. Copies of letter No. PV(ALDS)0/021/20 dated 27.09.2007 & dated 15.04.2008 issued by the Chief Controller of Explosive, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization Nagpur  authorizing our company to operate Auto LPG Dispensing Stations as Parallel Marketers in India.
  3. Copy of valid Rating Certificate issued by ICRA which is mandatory to continue to work as Operator of Auto LPG under Parallel Marketing system.
  4. Copy of approval letter No. _______________________ dated __________along with layout plans duly approved by the Chief Controller of Explosive Nagpur.
  5. Copy of Lease Deed duly registered with Sub Registrar _______, between Premier LPG Limited and _______________________________________________ for ___ years on ________for running Auto LPG Dispensing Station by M/s _______________________, a firm.

We have also got approval of Layout plan for AUTO LPG DISPENSING STATION at above mentioned site from Chief Controller of Explosive Nagpur, copy of which is attached as mentioned in Para IV above. From this Dispensing Station, we will supply Auto LPG to vehicles duly fitted with approved kit from competent authority, which will make the environment of the city, pollution free.

We have also executed Lease Deed, the copy of which is mentioned at para-V above attached. This ALDS will be run and maintained by M/s_________________________, a Propertery/Partnership firm at (As the case may be).

Now, you are requested to issue us ‘No Objection Certificate’ along with copy of layout plan duly endorsed as token as mentioned in Para-6 of Letter No. ___________________________ dated ______________, copy already attached as Annexure-IV. An early action in this matter is requested.


Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

For- Premier LPG Ltd.


(Amit Dhamija)

Encl.: As Above