Job profile of Sales Representative

He will work from Distributor’s office or from his own residence till a distributor in the place of his posting is appointed. His jurisdiction will be one district and will report to distributor or business development manager of the company. He will be appointed by the company or distributor.  Training & job expertise will be given by the company or business associate. The salary & incentives will be paid by the distributor.

Role & responsibilities

His operational responsibilities will be in the field. He represents a link between the zonal office on the one hand and distributor/dealer/retailer on the other hand. His job responsibilities will be as under:-

  1. Immediately, on selection/appointment, completing his training at the company’s training center, he should undertake survey of one district allotted to him followed by survey of individual towns & semi urban areas. Prepare detailed survey reports for each town /semi urban area or village. After preparation of these survey reports, he will submit to BDM who must discuss with the zonal manager and the Business associate and assist them in identifying and demarcating equitably area for each dealer/retailer.
  2. The Zonal/distributor office will release advertisement for appointment of dealers/retailers in the district. The SR should get the pre-appointment & post appointment formalities completed for dealers/retailers selected resulting in the early commencement of their respective business. SR are fully responsible for appointment & commencement of business by dealers/retailers.
  3. He will organize inaugural function of dealers/retailers after approval from the company by submitting reports. After function he will submit reports to the company.
  4. Immediately after appointment of dealer/retailer business target for the first quarter should be settled with them. These meetings budget preparation should be fixed in consultation with the BDM and Business associate. An action plan for achieving the budget should be prepared by the SR in consultation with the individual dealers/retailers.
  5. He will organize publicity programme by personally participating in the implementation of such programmes, where company’s funds are channeled for business promotion. He should ensure effective implementation of the programme, study the impact of such programme in the area objective and report to the company.
  6. SR will organize regular publicity programmes as per guidelines of the company. Incidental/necessary functions to be attended for target achievements. He will discuss with dealers for special (Innovation) programme for publicity as their places on cost sharing basis.
  7. Collect information about Non- LPG product (illegal cylinders) being dealt with in their areas and submit report marked “confidential” to the Association of Parallel Marketers. Elimination of the spurious given more room for the genuine products and hence a sales promotion measure.
  8. SR will monitor progress by personal visits to the places of the dealers/retailers. Effectiveness of gross root planning to be checked by SR during such visits. Monthly meetings called at the zonal center should be attended by SR and submit reports received from dealers/retailers. Weak/deficient performance should be identified and selected for corrective action.
  9. It is the prime responsibility of the SR that dealers/retailers are motivated and achieve their targets. He should undertake visits to places of dealers/retailer regularly for business promotion. In addition to regular visits special visits for reviewing total working of the dealer/retailers should be undertaken. Such special visits to be normally undertaken after the business of the dealer/retailer has reached good progress, when the main attention shifts from predominantly new business securing to customer service and adherence to prescribed system. Such visits to be done at bigger time-gape i.e. once in a quarter. Detailed report should be submitted for these visits to the company through the business associate.
  10. Planning a correct mix of places for preparing monthly tour plan. The monthly tour programe of the SR should be prepared in consultation and approval from the distributor/ BDM to cover a balanced mix of places like dealers/retailers units where good progress is made and where progress is not satisfactory. The visit should focus the reason & prescribe corrective course of action. Dealer/retailer units located at nil competition area (generally rural and semi urban areas, where there are no distributors of public sector oil companies functioning. The focus should be how to bring non-users of LPG to LPG use in these places.
  11. The SR will attend such meetings, may be arranged by the business associate once in a month or at any other suitable intervals. The meetings be convened by the zonal manager and personally attended and presided over by the business associate, who will review the progress & performance of each SR. Minutes of the meetings may be circulated to all with copy to the company.
  12. Special meeting of SR pertaining to each dealer/retailer area will be called by zonal manager. The distributor may also participate in this meeting if considered necessary. Any dealer/retailer needing specific problem or constraint to be discussed in the meeting may also attend as a special invitee.
  13. SR will be responsible for maintenance of record by distributor/dealer and reports to be submitted by them from time to time to the distributor and zonal office of the company.
  14. SR will maintain the following records; i) Day to day activity dairy; ii) register/records showing information on dealers/retailers under his jurisdiction; iii) dealer/retailer wise sales turnover register.
  15. The following reports should be submitted by SR;

One time report

  1. District survey report of the district allotted to him. The work to be taken up and completed immediately after training or even as part of the training period assignment.
  2. Report for each town, semi urban area, or village.
  3. Report on inaugural function of dealer/distributor.
  4. Report covers information on illegal products (non- ) sold at the place.
  5. Report on grass root planning.

Monthly reports to be submitted

  1. Monthly performance report: Copy of extracts for the month from day-to-day dairy (neatly maintained and entered with appropriate and complete details). This deemed an important record to evaluate performance of the SR. It should not be shabbily prepared, but with proper care & attention.
  2. Monthly dealer/retailer wise progress report enclosing report received from Dealer/retailers with enclosure.
  3. Monthly report on publicity programmes.

Quarterly reports to be submitted

  1. Accountability report. This is an appraisal report giving an assessment of their work done indicating the strong & weak points during the quarter. It gives information about the accepted target and actual results achieved SR wise and dealer/retailer wise. The report will also deal with performance relating to new connection, DBCs product sales & appointment of dealers/retailers including new or old competitors in the area.
  2. Visit report on working of dealer’s/retailer’s shop. Report may not be sent in the first three months after commencement of business, when the SR should extend all out support to the dealer for business promotion.
  3. Visit report on working for the distributor shop.