Detailed working for liasioning consultant

He will exercise overall responsibility for realizing the objectives of the publicity programs as per requirement of associates/company and policy of the company after getting approval in writing.

  1. Collect station wise the particulars of press reporters related to our associate areas. Call them on the inaugural function of associates and convince them to release news on the occasion and from time to time.
  1. To organize inaugural functions of our associates.
  1. Preparation of the news articles, where the company has business interests, at weekly intervals.
  1. Search and circulate the news cutting collected from national/regional newspaper about policy for LPG by central & state government, about parallel marketers, accident of mini cylinder, action initiated against illegal traders, etc. on our website with copy to associates/company.
  1. To keep information about dealer/distributor oriented programs for publicity conducted at different places and cost incurred for the same should be justified.
  1. Watch on the working & policies of competitors working in the areas of associates/company.
  1. Collect information about any other attractive local outdoor or media publicity by other traders, which can be deemed as a model for us in the same area.
  1. Organize programs for release in television channels and other digital Apps being used in the areas of associates.
  1. To search illegal traders involved in the filling of mini cylinders and take up the matter with preventive authorities to stop the illegal activities.
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