Selling techniques for new connection

  • Cost, availability, procurement & storage

The discussion may start with the following conversations with the prospective customer –

  1. What type of fuel you are using?
  2. What is the quantity used and cost incurred per month?

Tell him that you are incurring high cost and facing difficulties for storage of the same like kerosene, charcoal, firewood, etc.

Now focus attention on these twin problems and present PREMIER LPG as a welcome solution to them as LPG is being available in all sizes of cylinders. It is cheaper. It may not cost more than what they are spending presently. It occupies a corner within the kitchen itself. It is clean and convenient. These are the benefits which creates interest in the mind of the domestic consumer. Similarly, while visiting shops, you will find that most of the people are using LPG cylinders of 14 Kg. for commercial purposes whereas these are meant for domestic purposes only. They are also using illegal mini cylinders. These mini cylinders are manufactured with very thin sheet of inferior quality of iron sheet, which is very dangerous and prone to accident. They are purchasing gas in 14 Kg. cylinder on lesser rates as compared to the rates being charged for Commercial uses but in mini cylinder they are purchasing on higher rates. Offer them our cylinder of different sizes which can be used legally and no govt. authorities can seize their cylinders. Show them cost cutting. Our rates in 4 Kg. are cheaper than the rates at which they are purchasing. Our cost of big cylinder may be higher as compared to domestic cylinder which they are using illegally but our cylinders are legal and duly GST paid. No govt. authorities can seize our cylinder. Our connections are legal and pass book is issued to the customers. Our cylinders are ISI marked and there is no possibility of any kind of accident. Customers have to pay fewer amounts in comparison to 19 Kg. cylinders at a time and our cylinders can be easily handled. Show them our pass book placed later.

  • Formalities for connection

If the customers are facing problem in getting connection of govt. oil companies due to lot of formalities, assure them that there is no pre – booking and waiting time for connections. Connections will be given to the customer instantly and can be delivered at home at the specific time given by the customer even during odd hours i.e. early in the morning or late evening hours. Moreover, we are providing connection hand to hand only with one I.D. proof with accidental insurance. No need of taking leave from office, if both of the family members are in job. We also provide financial assistance in the form of providing loan facility to needy customer to meet out initial cost of LPG connection. Refer our loan scheme.

  • Supply of refill

If the customer is feeling bad about unpunctual supply of LPG from his present supplier & lack of attention in solving his maintenance problems, focus your offer as a solution to their problem, cite example of our happy customers, living in Bhiwadi who are not facing such problems. Guarantee him service and attention and impress upon him that these are our business objectives & policy. There will be no crowd/rush and no queue at our Dealer outlets. His telephone will be accessible to you. He operates from his residence – cum – shop and hence available to you at your convenient hours. However, in any case our dealer is not appointed in the area, the company assured of supply maximum within 24 Hrs. Our Customer Care No. is – 8302-122-122. If any customer calls on us we will revert back also and send the supply within 24 hrs.

  • Strength of company

Explain our customer oriented selling approach and market structure. We follow a two-tier distribution arrangement, entrusting stock-holding & maintaining, supplying & supervising customer-service on the distributor and effecting personalized service and home-delivery and telephone booking to innumerous retailers scattered in every corner.
We follow business ethics. Our cylinder contains LPG gas of the weight specified therein and there is no shortage of gas in any cylinder.
We are parallel marketers but we are not of the bubble – type companies that appear quickly and vanish suddenly. We have unbroken record of smooth supply since last 26 years. We have never failed in supply to anyone at any time.
To further strengthen the confidence and credibility of our consumers, we provide money back guarantee, i.e. in case surrender of connection, we immediately refund customer’s deposit amount. We have a term in our loan scheme available which says “Non – Supply – No installment.”

  • Pass Book & Money Back Guarantee Card
  • Cost compression chart of mini cylinder