Commercial LPG:
After the government of India banned the domestic cylinder for commercial use by a gazette notification in 2000 and have also taken strict actions against people not following the order, the demand has not only increased and people are becoming aware of the rule day by day and switching to commercial LPG which is on non-subsidized rates. Commercial consumers, especially, are readily purchasing commercial LPG on market rates, which has created more demand for the parallel marketers.
Industrial LPG:
It is seen as the cleanest, cheaper and easily available fuel in the market as many of the modern machineries use LPG as fuel instead of charcoal, LDO furnace oil, coal, Pet coke etc which are also banned by the national green tribunal and The Hon’ble Supreme court of India due to pollution.  The industry has seen many folds increase in consumption of LPG in the past few years. Today, business owners are on the lookout to find optimum LPG solutions that can fulfill their energy needs and related service issues. The need for a reliable LPG supplier who can play a supporting role is immense. Our technical team is working with many different types of industries running on traditional fuels for conversion to LPG in easy and hassle free manner. Because pet coke/coal/diesel/furnace oil are being totally banned for Industrial use. These industries then diverted to PNG but after comparison with LPG, it is seen that LPG is cheaper than PNG due to efficiency (colorific Value) & PNG consumption is 20% extra than LPG. So people now prefer the use of LPG in their unit instead of PNG. We bring fully customized LPG solutions at your doorstep.
Favorable steps by the govt. for growth of LPG in domestic, commercial and industrial Sector:- 
Ten points of favorable scenario/benefits of using PREMIER GAS:
1.Increased fuel savings
2.High rate of heating – as high as 400 °C per hour.
3.Uniformity in temperature and precise temperature control.
4.Better heat transfer with LPG firing
5.No wastage of fuel due to spillage and adulteration
6.Uniformity and increased end product quality
7.Lower maintenance cost of burners, ovens and furnaces
8.Lower shut down time of machinery
9.Cleaner burning and sulphur-free emissions
10.Quick and timely refills
LPG is a low carbon fuel with thousands of industrial and commercial applications.

LPG Geyserlpg-geyserGeysers running on LPG are easily available in the open market and our cylinders of any size can fitted to run the geyser which gives instant hit water.
LPG Generatorslpg-generatorThe generators running on LPG are far more silent and hassle free as compared to Diesel generators.
Food IndustryfoodCommercial LPG is widely used in the food industry like Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens etc. and is the most preferred fuel in this industry.
Iron & Steel IndustryironThe metal industry is indeed one of the most important consumers of LPG. Most widely used for cutting, heating and melting. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are frequently cast into shapes by melting and injection or pouring into suitable patterns and moulds. LPG in the instant case is an ideal fuel for meeting the requirement of temperature regulation and desired quality.
Glass & Ceramic IndustryceremicsThe manufacture of glass / ceramic products is complicated by a numerous chemical reactions which occur during the process. The use of a clean fuel like LPG enhances the product quality thereby reducing technical problems related to the manufacturing activity. LPG being a gaseous fuel gets easily regulated and compliments the heating process.
Glass melting is a huge operation and involves massive supply of heat. Usage of cheaper fuels may lead to technical problems resulting into poor quality of products. LPG being a far superior fuel, helps in eliminating such hurdles during the melting process.
Steam Raising IndustrysteamCoals, Furnace Oil & Natural Gas are the most economical fuel used in Steam raising industry. Though it is economical, it is undesirable as it causes pollution. Natural gas being a gaseous fuel needs pipelines to cater such requirements, so the Premier LPG becomes the most demanded and preferred fuel.