Complaints from customers relating service rendered by the Dealers and dealt with in our earlier Literature(PL-46). Customers also sometimes experience problem in handling the cylinder and connected equipment. These problems are not generated due to human failure but mechanical failure. Further, while service complaints of the consumer are to be attended by the Distributor, after studying the complaint and verifying the facts, mechanical problems faced by the Consumer are to be attended and set right immediately on the spot by the Dealer by deputing his mechanic.

In this context it is to be pointed out that company not only supplies LPG Cylinder, but is also responsible for guidance of the Consumers for its safe use. It is also our responsibility to rush to the help of the consumer, when they experience any problem in using the LPG fueled cooking system and seek assistance. These may be termed as Service Calls. The company, Distributor & Dealer are under obligation to attend the Consumer’s calls in these circumstances but we can charge separately for this service if the stove is not supplied by us and gurantee/warrenty period has been completed. The following procedure is laid for dealing with this subject at the end of our Dealers.

When the Dealers receives a call from the Consumer, informing about problem in using the LPG cylinder set, particulars of the call should be entered in the SERVICE CALl REGISTER (PS-38) & a complaint voucher (PF-40) should be perpared simultaneously and given to the Machanic, who should be trained in attending problems in LPG cylinder and cooking sets. The Mechanic should also carry with him spare parts like cylinder valves o ring, regulator, rubber tubes, burners, etc so that in case of need these items may be replaced. He will visit the place of the Consumer to set right their problem and record the work attended by him and spare parts replaced, if any in the voucher and get the signature of the consumer.

The mechanic may prepare a bill for the cost of the spare parts supplied if any and additionally a sum of Rs.100/- (Rupess Hundred Only) towards attending the service call. The amount may be collected immediately from the Consumer or at the time of the next supply of refill as per convenience of the Dealer.

Dealers should provide comprehensive training to the Delivery boys & Mechanic to attend all routine mechanical complaints. In case of need they can also approach us to provide such training to the delivery boy/mechanic for a day or two.

In case consumers desire to have a regular and comprehensive quarterly inspection of the LPG system by our mechanic, it is  advised that this may be done at a fee of Rs. 50/-(Rupess Fifty Only). A trained mechanic may be deputed to the place for checking the Stove, burner, cylinder valves, regular and rubber tubes and provide suitable guidance to the consumer if any replacement or any other type of action is needed. This will build their image as well as Company’s image.