Greet consumer with a smile and accept the initial payment, for single connection or D.B.C. as per his choice and fill-up the Customer’s name and particulars in the subscription voucher & handover to customer his copy. Company’s copy may be sent on monthly basis. In subscription voucher all columns are very clear., follow system of codification while filling Consumer No. & write ‘through’ fix Rubber seal of your address in 1st Column till your own Godown is ready & supply is being made under interim arrangement on the left hand of your seal. It is mandatory under the rules. While the customer is looking at the documets, thank him/her for the visit and patronage and assure your personalized service. Tell about your working hours, weekly holiday, and any special service that your shop is providing to the consumers. Give your telephone No. and also introduce your Assistant, who will be at the shop in your absence.

While quick attention and service is essential, try to have a brief conversation with the Customer and leave a good image in his mind. It is necessary, if customer shows interest, to prolong the visit by 10 to 15 minutes on pleasant way of doing this is to offer tea, coffee or soft drink,as per the customer’s choice. This is not merely a business courtesy but part of social hospitality, and golden opportunity to have a very friendly chat with your customer.

At this point, you may deliver, the surprise Gift for the new customer. As the customer’s curiosity at the point is raised, tell very briefly about PREMIER LPG organization, which you are representing, its long history in Parallel Marketing, its production/bottling facilities and most of all the fact that we are number one LPG Parallel Marketeers in the whole Northern India.

Demonstrate the models of our Petromax and portable Stove. At this point, explain the consumer about I.S.I. Specification and the dangers of using spurious non I.S.I. Products, either cylinder, or regulator or Stove.

While you are explaining your models to the customer, he/she may also be putting you questions and seeking clarification. Give brief but correct replies to the point.
During the period, whenever you get time and the customer is looking to the material given by you, fill up the details in the customer History Card correctly. This can be done after customer leaves, if he is in hurry.

Find out the convenience of the customer, about sending the delivery boy to their house to fix the new connection, and send the boy with the cylinder and regulator at the time mentioned by the consumer.

The delivery boy should be at the place of the consumer exactly at the time specified, preferably wearing company T-shirt and cap. The concept of service with a smile should be followed by him also. Politely seek directions from consumers and then fix the cylinder to the stove. Test the gas flow burner of the stove, and if cleaning is required, it should be done. Demonstrate the gas burning through the burner and then extinguish the same before coming.


  1. Cash bill should be issued for the total amount paid by the consumer with details except the deposit amount of the cylinder which should be covered by the Subscription voucher.It will be advisable for the Dealer to visit the new consumer after a gap of 3 or 4 days at his place/ or contact him as a courtesy call and to confirm they are satisfied with our service. Tactfully access potential for further business, in particular Petromax and also if you can get a few reference of potential customer, known to the Consumer, for canvassing their business.
  2. The Consumer History Card is an abstract of the manual book to be issued to the consumer, and is retained with us for making parallel entries therin.
  3. Enter particulars of the new consumers in the Consumers Membership Register.
  4. The Register gives details about the Consumers. Enteries to be made whenever a new consumer joins. Similarly whenever a consumer on leaving the place on transfer or for any other reasons rescinds the contract or surrenders the register it should be updated with a cancellation entry. Detailed instruction regarding maintenance of this Register are given separately.