Rrole & nature of the job:

The sales clerk (DS) executes the order of direct consumers. In short he/she looks after Supplies, to the users of our products. The company is under obligation to fulfill its commitments for uninterrupted supplies in terms of our contractual obligations and the Money Back Guarantee has been extended by us to consumers. The clerk should understand the significance of this responsibility of the company and work with efficiency and alertness leaving no scope for errors or omissions in his job responsibilities, otherwise companys’s interest will be affected adversely.

Duties and job responsibilities:

  1. Direct dealing with consumer regarding new nonnection, refills, transfer, refund, etc.
  2. Handling consumer loans & recovery of monthly installments.
  3. Attending complaints/suggestions from consumers & maintenance of record

Guidelines to organize the sales counter:

  1. Keep a separate extension for the office telephone at your table.
  2. Do not allow persons to overcrowd at your seat.
  3. When you have to deal with customers & others, deal with them one by one and dispose of the work of each within minimum time. Other customers should wait in the front office, till they are called.
  4. Maintain noise-free environment to hear properly and record consumer’s message received on phone and in turn to communicate your points in a clear and low voice.
  5. Keep handy all records/register, forms,guidelines/literature applicable.
  1. Booking New Connections(NCs):

The procedure for booking NC is given in detail in PL-40. He will collect the amount for NC and complete all records like Application form , Security Voucher & Bill for Regulator & Gas along with Money Back Gurarantee and deliver it through the delivery man with the cylinder & seasond surprise gift. Obtain a receipt from the consumer for the documents & cylinder and keep in the file along with copies of Security vouchers, and other papers. It is company’s statutory responsibility ot guide

The Consumer about safety precautions and proper use of the equipment though we discharge this obligation by providing an attractive instruction card for the use of LPG. Our message to the consumer is clear “LPG is safe-safety starts at Home. If the consumer is negligent or carefree and overlooks essential safety precautions, it is not on account of any lapse of the company. It is essential the Sales clerk establishes personal rapport with all consumers. After the execution of initial order, the sales clerk should contact the consumer on phone, and enquire, if the service is properly provided to him/her. The clerk should also enquire about the receipt of the Instruction Card and other items sent with the initial supply.

  1. Connection Against Consumer Loan:

A number of consumers are given new connections under our Consumer Loan Scheme. The scheme will become popular among middle and low-income groups. It will have immense potential to improve the number of our clientele. The sales clerk should study thoroughly PL-25 and when enquiries are made by consumers the clerk must give correct information to them. The sales clerk should also be conversant with the discrepancies and omissions, which are observed frequently while completing these formalities as mentioned in our letter PD-46. The clerk should complete formalities without any mistake and put up the papers for sanction of the loan to the Loan Sanctioning Authority. Thereafter the Consumer loan register and installment due register should be completed. An entry in the History Card & Pass Book may also be made.

  1. Booking for Refill:

On receipt of telephone call for refill, refer the History Card & check up overdues, if any, get confirmation that the consumer will be taking delivery of the refill against payment of refill charges, plus installment dues & make entry in Consumer Order Register(PS-30). In case the voice is not clear the order should be repeated by the Sales Clerk. In case the consumer does not book order on telephone, the bill should be prepared for the refill charges and installments due and send through the delivery man to collect the full amount. However refill should not be refused for current dues, up to the 15th of the month, to avoid hardship to genuine customers.

Thereafter prepare the Refill Slip, in triplicate (3 number), for each order and also fill up Column 1 to 6 of Despatch Instruction From PF-68 & consolidated despatch Instructions to the Godown-Keeper(PF-22) for the total quanity of stocks to be forwarded with the Refill slips 1st and 2nd copies only (retaining 3rd copy in the books for record) to the delivery man for issue.

  Action after delivery of the refill:

The clerk will verify that all refills have been delivered properly and money has been

collected correctly. He/She will then carry out the Following:

  • Fill up delivery date in the consumer history card.
  • Update Godown stock register by a single entry based on the quantities in PF-22.
  • Fill up the last two columns of PS-30 except remarks.
  • Hand over the total cash collections, on PF-36 with duplicate refill slips to the Cashier/Accounts department for making entry of the sales transaction.
  1. Transfer of Membership:

When the consumer changes residence and moves to a new place, where he/she desires to continue our membership, the consumer should specify the name and place of the Dealer, with whom they want the service to be continued. The company will provide Transfer Order (PF-69) addressed to the Dealer, where the connection is transferred. Company will not charge for this service, but the consumer will have to pay a service charge Rs. 50/- (Rupess Fifty Only)  to the Dealer at the new place, who will deliver them new passbook. He will charge only for the cost of the gas, referred above. The Dealer will allot a fresh code to this consumer. His consumer register should be updated accordingly. The original entry should be closed with endorsement in remarks column “Transferred to Dealer NO.____”. When fresh entry is made in the New Dealer’s number, the endorsement should read “Transferred Consumer No.____________(give the previous number).

  1. Cancellation of Membership:

Company’s responsibility to the Consumer is absolute and primary, while that of the Dealer is Contractual derived from their contract with the company. When we operate the service, normally extended by our Dealer, we have to see as a model supplier that prompt and courteous service is provided to the Consumer and there should be no desertions by consumers, i.e quitting of membership due to complaints/grievance but for other reasons if they desire to leave membership, the consumer may call at our office with the empty cylinder, consumer pass book and security voucher.

After verifyling the consumer’s signature, make entry in the Consumer Membership register for cancellation of membership. Refund the security deposit amount as per terms printed over leaf on Security voucher by cheque. The consumer may also, if he so chooses, surrender the empty cylinder and his application for cancellation  along with Instruction card, Pass book and Security voucher(duly receipt with date) to our delivery man, who deliver the records at the Dealer office and the empty

cylinder in the company/dealer godown. On receipt of the above, the sales clerk will follow the same procedure and send the payment by cheque as the case may be through the delivery man for payment to the consumer against his receipt. In all cases, the records of the closed consumer should be placed in a separate file.

  1. Recovery of Loan Installments:

While allowing a new connection under our consumer loan scheme, the consumer can be allowed options for payment of monthly installments in any one of the following manners:-

  1. By way of post dated cheques. This should be preserved/ arranged in order of the date and delivered to the accounts department on the respective dates for depositing in the Bank.
  2. Undertaking to make payment of installments in cash every month. In this case make an entry in the consumer history card and when their refill order is received, the amount of loan installments may be called by the delivery man, while delivering the cylinder. In this case, the loans clerk can hand over PF-37 for the month (List of installments to be collected date wise) to the S.R directly.
  3. Details of payment of installments will be furnished by the Clerk on PF-38, to the company. In case of default, alert notes to be recorded in the Consumer History Card. When the order for the next refill is received form such customers, the order should be executed only if the consumer agrees to make payment of the monthly installment along with the refill cost. In case of long default, take help of the company for recovery.
  1. Consumer Complaints & Suggestions:

Consumer have staturory right for proper and punctual service under Legislation. However, as a commercial organization we accept policy for consumer service & have provided system for redressing their grievance promptly. All complaints and suggestion received to be entered in PS-8. The importance of this register is given in PL-39 on Customer service and guidelines for disposal of complaints are given in PL-46.

  1. Consumer Calls for Techical/Mechnical Service:

If consumer have specific problem with the valve, regulator or & other accessories, they may call for our mechanic to visit them and set right the same. Such calls should be entered in PS-38 and attended as per Precudure in PL-48.


  1. PL-22 Interim Procedure for supplies before Godown is ready.
  2. PL-23   Scheme of Codification
  3. PL-36 Selling Techniques for  LPG products
  4. PL-37 Tele- marketing of products
  5. PL-38 Guidelines for sale of portable cylinder & Petromax
  6. PL-39 Customer Service
  7. PL-40   Booking new Connection
  8. PL-41 Maintenance of Consumer Membership Register
  9. PL-42  Procedure for Sale Of Refills
  10. PL-44 Procurement & Supply Of Material
  11. PL-46 Procedure for Disposal of Complaint/Suggestions
  12. PL-48 Communor Complaint regarding Feelmial defect


  1. PF-10 Subscription voucher
  2. PF-11 Instruction card
  3. PF-12 Subscription voucher (distributor/dealer)
  4. PF-14 Indent For material
  5. PF-15 Delivery challan
  6. PF-22 Despatch instruction to plant/godown
  7. PF-68 Despatch Instruction under interim arrangement of delivery man.


  1. PS-30 Counsumer order register
  2. PS-38 Consumer service call register

Correspondence & store officer (plant)

  1. All the documents including bills etc. received either on mail/post/by hand should be diarized in the Diary Register with Dy. No. & date. In case of personal letters relates to Management and sealed letters, mark/stamp Dy. No. and date on the envelope and when the letters are received back from the higher authorities, the Dy. No. & date should be mentioned on letter itself. Action as advice may be taken on each documents.
  2. Cheque/Bank Drafts/Pay Orders/Indents accompanying letters should be firstly documented in the Diary register and then after sorting the cheque/DD, photocopy of the same may be taken and original cheque/DD handover to Sale officer (accounts) for deposit in the respective bank account. The indent with photocopy of cheque/DD may forward to the Asstt. Manager (Operation) for immediate action. In case, any cheque/DD is received from the sender without a covering letter, attach and preserve the envelope along with the cheque/DD in record.
  3. On receipt of letter for dispatch, check Name, Address, Pin code, Signature, Enclosures etc. send by courier or speed-post as per guidelines mention in duty and responsibility of front officer on website after making entry in Dispatch Register.
  4. Maintained all file record Rack wise as per guidelines mention in duty and responsibility of correspondence officer on website.
  5. Issued stock item of stationery & accessories like Adaptor, regulator, pipe, washer, cap, seal etc. as per indent received from plant supervisor and front officer. Watch on stock, when minimum level remain, submit requirement of the items required to A.M (Sales & accounts) who will get approval from competent authority for purchase and issue order.
  6. On receipt of new material enter in stock register.

Record to be maintained

  1. (PS-09)– Diary Register.
  2. (PS-10)– Dispatch Register
  3. (PS-18 & 19).- Stock Inward & outward register of stationery & accessories.

Reports to be submitted

  1. (PR- )- Monthly consumption stock report (accessories & Stationery)
  2. (PR-21) – Pending Letter Report (Section) To Be Taken from All Sections.