Duties & responsibilities of Accountant

The Accountant will follow these guidelines while making payments:-

  1. All the payments should be made on date as per due statement from the company approved by CEO. While making accountant will take approval from CEO through Asstt, Manager (Sales & Accounts).
  2. Against the material received, payment should be made as per bill to the company from which company bill received only. He should check the calculation of the bill with quantity and GST details.
  3. Telephone, Internet, mobile should be debit to Premier LPG Ltd.
  4. All plants expenses should be booked in S.O Gas Products Pvt. ltd.
  5. Repairer & Maintenance, Petrol/Diesel of both vehicle should be booked in Premier LPG Limited & installment will be paid by the S.O gas products, because the vehicle exist in his name.
  6. Preparation of salary after receiving & checking the certificate of release of salary from every employee. He should ensure that when certificate received with him by 5th of the month, the salary of the staff should be released by 10th positively.
  7. Submission of bill to AIGES for filling at Gulabpura in time.
  8. Pursuance of outstanding amount from the parties including AIGES on day to day basis.
  9. Filing of TDS/ GST/ESI/PPAC etc. returns in time