Duties & responsibilities of Asstt. Manager (Sales & Accounts)

The Asstt. Manager (Sales & Accounts) will look after the work of Bhiwadi, Gulapbura & all ALDS as per details given below:-

  1. Check reports & records of Plant supervisor, Sales Officer (Account), Correspondence & Store Officer (Plant), Front Officer, Asstt. Manager (Operations).
  2. Maintained record of Industrial customer & Associates.
  3. Maintained record of security deposit of all associates.
  4. Make payment as per due date statement as per guidelines and approval from competent authority.
  5. Coordinate with CA for Filing of TDS/ GST annual return/ ITR in time.
  6. Make all bank entry in Tally in proper head and put up on cmd@premierlpgltd.com mail.
  7. Checked sale & stock report on daily basis and put up order for purchase when stock reach at minimum level.
  8. Submission of bill to AIGES for filling at Gulabpura in time pursuance of outstanding amount.
  9. Check GST detail, rate charged, indent detail of all GST invoices before handover to plant supervisor for dispatch of material to parties.
  10. Check payment voucher prepare by sale officer (Account) for expenses done by staff and entered in correct head in tally.
  11. Check purchase bill hard-copy with detail enter in computer i.e. Rate, GST, TCS, Party and Company GST no. mentioned correctly or not. After verify the bill put up to competent authority for payment.
  12. Check sale & stock report on daily basis before sending on group WhatsApp by sales officer (account).
  13. Finalize rate of product on 1st of every month for all customers and associates with competent authority and issue to all concerned and quotation to all industrial parties. Copies may also be sent to concerned person for display on website.
  14. Check balance due statement of all parties as on last date of the previous month and send on mail by 4th positively.
  15. Check weekly outstanding report of all debtors on Monday and coordinate with Asstt. Manager (Operation) for pursuance of payment & Issue of notice to parties of overdue payment and put up to competent authority for information.
  16. Verify salary calculation with monthly output report and leave record of all employees and release salary by 10th positively.
  17. Review MIS Sheet I to Sheet V and prepare MIS Sheet VI to IX for Month and submit to competent authority for review.
  18. Get report of all ALDS of sale and balance with them on daily basis.
  19. Any other jobs assigned by seniors.

Reports to be submitted

  1. MIS report from I to IX
  2. Party follow-up sheet