Duties & responsibilities of Company Secretary

The details of works to be attended by C.S are as under: –

  1. ROC
    1. Filling of Annual/ Statutory returns with ROC in time bound manner
    2. Check timely about the Guidelines issued by MCA release for company, auditor, Directors, managerial person and amendments in company laws
    3. Appointment of Managing Director, Auditor and other Key Managerial person and follow all the provision prescribed under companies Act.
    4. Submit required form to ROC as and when required.
    5. Conducting board meeting, Annual General Meetings from time to time.
    6. Maintenance of minutes of Board meetings and Annual General Meeting from time to time.
    7. Draft Resolution and maintain record of it as and when required.
    8. Statutory record like shareholders. Issue of shares, transfer of filling with ROC
    9. Submission of documents with ROC in time.
    10. Legal matters in courts & complaints.
    11. Completion of documents for SME issue of Rs. 2.00 crore & then public issue
  2. Day to day Affairs of company
    1. Watch timely Renewal of Licenses of our plants & ALDS
    2. Watch timely Insurance of all plants & vehicles of the company
    3. Renewal of Agreement of all associates from time to time
    4. Checking of timely returns of GST, Income tax, PPAC & other returns.
    5. Watch on SEO working and Google reviews particularly against our company put up by anyone and defend for the same.
    6. Work on online advertisement like google, Facebook, twitter.
    7. Work on CIBIL Rating improvement.
    8. Drafting and correction in agreements, letters and in other documents as and when required.
    9. Drafting schemes about state government for entrepreneurs.
    10. Work on FINKART company as and when directed.
  3. Legal Works
    1. Correspondence and completion of record regarding some matters with NCLT, RTI, Bhiwadi Manufacturer Associations, Association of Parallel Marketers, MSME.
    2. Pursue complaint case in different police station and other department.
  4. Running of Associates of Parallel marketers
    1. Updating of record of Association of Parallel Marketers and watch meetings/circular issued by various Govt. agencies and Bhiwadi Manufacturer Associations.
  5. Training Job
    1. Draft training Literature of the company.
    2. Provide training to new joinee in the organization and guide them after joining.