1. Refer to last three postage columns in the Dispatch Register, i e. Postage Received, Postage Incurred  and Postage Balance.
  2. The Opening Balance of the Postage in hand for the day required to be mentioned in the last postage column (balance in hand).
  3. When letters are dispatched with Postage affixed on them, the amount of Postage on each letter is required to be entered in the middle column, against each item.
  4. Arrive at the day’s total of postage spent and cost the total at the end in the middle column.
  5. Deduct the amount from the opening balance, mentioned in the last column and enter the fresh balance in the last column at the end of the day, next to the day’s postage total (which is entered in the middle column).
  6. Also beginning from the 1st of the month enter progressive page total of postage spent at the end of the page in red, it should be carried forward in red ink to the next page. This will represent the progressive total amount of postage incurred in the month upto that date
  7. The postage remaining in the beginning of the month should also be entered in the first column,   postage received, as this is a fresh advance after booking the previous month’s postage expenditure.
  8. Page after page, the first column, should also be totaled in red ink.
  9. The red total in the first column represent the total imprest postage amount availed and outstanding. The red total in the second column represent the total postage incurred in the month up to that date. The balance mentioned in the last column will always be the differences between these two totals.
  10. At the end of the month, total postage will be booked and imprest balance updated and fresh beginning made for the next month. Recording details of registered letter sent in the Despatch register.
  11. When letters are sent by Registered Post, mentioned the word ”Regd” in the Remarks Column and  also Record the Receipt No for the Registered Articles issued by the Post Office.
  12. Preserve all Receipts date wise in the separate file or in the concerned file.
  13. However, receipts of Registered letters relating to legal notices, Registered Notices issued by the company and for Statutory Returns sent to the Government Department, Statutory Bodies and such other important communications, should be properly pasted to the office copies (concerned) of these items, as a concrete evidence of our dispatching these articles to the addresses and as a permanent record.


  1. When letters are Dispatched by courier, enter only a hyphen (-) in the postage column (in the middle of three postage columns).
  2. Enter the word “COURIER” in the remarks column against the entry, and also mention the courier receipt No. for that article.
  3. On the back of the courier receipt enter the Dispatch No of the item(s) sent under the Courier Envelop.
  4. Preserve all Courier receipts safely in a file date wise or in concerned file.
  5. At the end of the month, the Courier bill is received with acknowledgements from the addresses of all letters sent, check item wise with Dispatch Register and ensure that all entries are O.K. and charges are levied correct. If so, verify the bill & recommend for payment