Duties & responsibilities of Mentor

It is a managerial post, reporting to the MD and the CEO and responsible for the overall operations and supervision of the firm.

Job responsibilities :

  • Advice manpower / work force planning for each department in the firm
  • Hiring, training and management of employees at varies levels
  • Optimizing the business process and improving operational efficiency of all the employees
  • Training field sales officers / marketing officers in conducting their sales promotional duties as well as any other skill set needed to perform the job
  • Conducting seminars and conferences to promote the firm
  • Other duties related to establishment section (enforcement of service regulations, discipline, punctuality), staff welfare, staff motivation, work culture and cordial staff relations

Developing training facilities

The firm will provide the required infrastructure such as lecture hall / conference rooms, black boards, projector & other necessary resources. Additionally, accommodation will be provided to anyone travelling from different “States”, subject to necessarily approvals beforehand.

Operational Training Programme

  • To be executed for all the employees at different levels, ranging from surveyors to ZM level
  • Induction programme to be conducted for all newly recruited employees as per guidelines given below:-
  1. Mentor should study the literature before taking the class & clarify the doubts, if any, one day before, from the CEO
  2. Mentor will send a copy of the complete training schedule, outlining different chapters, duration and when will they be covered.
  3. Outlined training schedule should be fully adhered to
  4. During training sessions, any Q&A from the new employees, should be dealt during the same day. For any question that cannot be answered by the mentor, should be redirected to the CEO before any new upcoming training sessions
  5. After completion of theoretical training sessions, the practical training will be given to new employees according to their allotted post by following the guidelines given in the schedule
  6. On completion of training of each trainee, Mentor will submit report on mail to correspondence officer (HR) and will issue certificate with grading to all employees

Management development programme

Short duration seminars to be conducted for BDM, distributor, dealer, and other marketing team, covering the following topics (but not limited to and wherever necessary)

For dealers

  1. Grass root planning
  2. Micro level filed survey
  3. Consumer loan scheme
  4. Business promotion target achievement
  5. Operational procedures
  6. Records & reports

For distributor

  1. Customer service
  2. Dealer Appointment
  3. Records & reports

For business associates

  1. Process for initial setting up of office
  2. Distributor appointments
  3. Appointments of dealers through distributors.

Areas of manpower planning, recruitment, placement & performance appraisal

Company has the guidelines on the above topics which should be followed and adhered to. Feedback should be given if there are any modifications required in a timely fashion.

Establishment Duties include ::

  • Recruitment (Advertisements, interview, selection & appointment)
  • Post hiring duties like job-training, performance assessments and probation clearance
  • Proposal of promotion and annual salary increment, wherever needed
  • Leave records
  • Submission of salary variation report to accounts department