Duties & responsibilities of Mentor

  1. Mentor should study the literature before taking the class & clarify the doubts, if any, one day before, from the CEO.
  2. Mentor will send a copy of the training schedule and chapter starting from introduction of training module to be taken in class to all the trainees in the beginning, who visiting for training from the list send by the Correspondence officer (HR) & next day follow the same system as per schedule of training.
  3. On next day, when discussions start/during discussion, if any extra query comes in picture which cannot be replied properly, should send to CEO before taking next session positively so that all the trainees can be replied and literature can be amended accordingly. This will be continued during the training of all chapters of training.
  4. After completion of training, the practical training will be given to individual trainee according to their applied post by following the guidelines given in the schedule.
  5. During practical Training, all the trainees should be trained for performing their duties properly & submission of daily/monthly reports.
  6. On completion of training of each trainee, Mentor will submit report on mail to correspondence officer (HR) and will issue certificate with grading to all employees.