Duties & responsibilities of Processing Officer

Jurisdiction – One Zone

In addition to the duties of BDE, the processing officer will maintain the record of associates of one zone as per our chart of various category of associates to avoid the double enrollment in the area. However, the processing officer will complete the applications through BDE/ BDM as per chart given below on receipt of application form with 2nd copy of receipt as Sales Officer (Accounts) will send original receipt to the party. Now, Processing officer will open a new file after getting file no. from correspondence officer at head office who will also keep record of file opened. Processing officer will process the applicant up to the level of running his associationship properly and guide/pursue them in all respect. In step by step, the processing officer will work on behalf of the company & coordinate with consultant & process the application properly. The processing officer will work as per updated guidelines on the website.

Report to process the Application form of Associates to take further steps as per guidelines

Name of the applicant
Status Applied with area
Payment receipt no. & date of processing fee

Check the documents as listed below for issue of LOI and completion in all respect.

1 All the column of Application Form has been filled in properly? Yes
2 Survey report as per specimen required of the area has been attached? Yes
3 If, expected scope of business is not sufficient, how will increase? Yes
4 Application is filled by the candidate himself/herself in English? Yes/No
5 If the reply of 4 is ‘NO’, has mentioned the name of person who explained all the terms in the language known to applicant? Yes
6 Has the person signed in his column of Application & attached the copy of Identity proof duly self-attested? Yes
7 Applicant has signed all the pages wherever required? Yes
8 The photocopies of all the documents required attached as per Annexure XIII self-attested? Yes
9 The Affidavit/Declaration is duly signed by applicant and notarized by Notary Public from the area belong to applicant? Yes
10 Copy of terms & conditions and step by step action has been signed? Yes
11 Processing fee as mentioned in terms & conditions has been received? Yes
12 Original receipt of processing fee has been sent and put the dispatch number and date? Yes

If the reply of any column from 1 to 8 is incorrect, it should be corrected specify the reasons through BDE/BDM and complete the form in all respect and take approval from competent authority before issue of LOI (Letter of intent) which will be signed by the Authorized Signatory & column No.8 to 12 should also be yes which will be required at the time of issue of Appointment Letter.

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