Duties & responsibilities of Sales Officer (Accounts)

  1. Collect cash & cheque from Front officer and Marketing staff after tallying with sale report submitted by plant supervisor and deposit in bank.
  2. On Receipt of payment as Application Form from any associate issue receipt immediately as per guidelines & send copy to processing officer.
  3. Make entry of cash & cheque receipt in tally and sale in excel sheet on daily basis.
  4. Issue of GST invoices as per material indent & handover to plant supervisor for dispatch of material to parties.
  5. Make payment to staff of expenses after entry in computer and getting signature on voucher.
  6. Make entry of purchase bill in computer and put up to accountant for making payment after getting approval from competent authority.
  7. Prepare sale & stock report on daily basis and send on whatsApp group after showing to Asstt. Manager (Sales & Accounts).
  8. Prepare weekly outstanding report of all debtors on Monday and submit to Asstt. Manager (Operation) for pursuance of payment.
  9. Preparation of salary after receiving the monthly output report of all employees duly recommended by his/her reporting officer and after checking leave record being maintained by the Correspondence Officer (HR) on his mail and put up to Asstt. Manager (Sales & Accounts) by next day positively.
  10. Prepare MIS Sheet I to V as per Annexure A and submit to Asstt. Manager (Sales & Accounts) for completion of other report for submission to competent authority.
  11. Any other jobs assigned by seniors.

Records to be maintained

  1. GST sale invoices Assesses copies file.
  2. GST sale receipted copies file.
  3. Purchase invoices file.
  4. Cash book & bank slips file.

Reports to be submitted

  1. Daily bank & cash on cmd@premierlpgltd.com mail.
  2. Daily sale report in group whatsapp.
  3. Weekly outstanding report to A.M. (Operations).
  4. MIS Report I to V(Annexure-A) to A.M (Sales & Accounts)