Duties & Responsibilties Sales Officer (Accounts)

Whenever there’s a change in rates, make a new list and send it to everyone in Bhiwadi, Gulabpura, Gurgaon, and Delhi. Also, make sure the Coordinator update the rates on the website the same day. Additionally, do the following tasks every day:

  1. Issue of bills of counter and hawker sale and others if any in absence of Billing clerk of Bhiwadi and Gulabpura.
  1. Make entries in tally of daily counter and hawker sales with amount, after matching the day’s sheets and also maintain paytm ledger.
  1. Deposit cheques and cash into the banks early in the morning through Mr. Rahul or himself. However, cheques can be deposited by anyone available.
  1. Order Auto gas from IPPL for PLL (TN) as instructed in the Whatsapp group and ensure timely payment.
  1. Make entry of filled stock and maintain the ledgers of every size of cylinders of PLL & SOGas. Keep track of sales and purchases of PLL Bhiwadi, Gulabpura, Tamil Nadu and its subsidiary concerns i.e. S.O.Gas Products Pvt. Ltd., Sunray Fuel LLP, and Petrosun Fuel LLP. Update stock levels for each company to avoid negative stock.
  1. Prepare party wise sale report from GST sales register (tally) with amount received from daily bank & cash of PLL and SOGas. In addition to this, fill report of cylinders in and out as well as gain & loss from plant report. Further take record of finished goods about cylinders filled and sold with closing balance. Finely, prepare stock report merging filled, sold and balance of the day and handover to the Co-ordinator.
  1. Pay suppliers, staff expenses, and salaries after getting approval from competent authority duly vouchers signed by the Payee as well as payment of GST, ESIC and others statutory payments. He will also make the payment of all directors as directed by them.
  1. Email bank and cash details to the CEO and CMD in the evening.
  1. Prepare and submit TDS Sheets for PLL Bhiwadi & Tamil Nadu, SOG Bhiwadi, Sunray Fuel, and Petrosun Fuel to the accountant, who will get approval from competent authority for payment.
  1. Prepare and submit PLL monthly stock statements with sundry debtor after approval from competent authority to AU Bank by 9th
  1. Prepare PPAC data for submission to coordinator by 10th
  1. Help the accountant with their tasks and cover for them when he is absent.
  1. Any other tasks assigned by management.”