Graphical presentation chart for Business Development Executive (outbound calls)

  • The executive will simply start with Good morning-good afternoon-good evening as the time may be. Start with, am I talking with Shri__________. (Name of customer)
  • IF Yes
  • I am (Name of BDE) , calling from Premier LPG Limited, Delhi. Our executive (Mr./Mrs) __________(Name of executive) _________has already talked with you and you have showed interest for LPG or Auto LPG business (as the case may be).
    • If Yes
    • Is this suitable time to talk with you?
      • If Yes
      • My executive told that you are interested for CODO in ALDS/ Distributorship of LPG (as the case may be). So how can I help you? Asked the client for his exact query and listen carefully that what he exactly wants to know. Explain all the possible details from the FAQ because most of the query has been covered in FAQ. to the point according to client’s queries one by one. Try to satisfy the client by giving proper information and convert him in matured party. In case any query not replied in FAQ he should inform the Business/Marketing controller.
      • If ready for application
      • Told him all the procedure of online or offline application. Assist him in completion of application & documentation. Provide him the bank details if required. Asked him for the possible date of submission of application and peruse the applicant till he become our associate. He should keep in mind that in case of any query which is not possible to reply, he should contact CEO at his no. after taking appointment.
      • Sir I think you have also the link of our website, I request you to download & take the print of terms & conditions and application form & document details which I explained you for your better understanding and if you have any doubts then you can contact me in this no. or msg me. I will clear your doubts.
      • Hope you are satisfied with this information.
        Thank you, sir, Have a nice day.
      • If No
      • Ok Sir when I can call you again?(Note date & time in follow up sheet in col. No. 5)