Procedure for procurement of stock by Associates.

After getting appointment letter of Associate, the Associate will place initial order for procurement of stock as per the minimum quantity mentioned in terms and conditions letter of Intent and agreement. The Associate will place the order at Company’s office alongwith Payment of stock by way of Demand Draft or transfer the amount by RTGS/NEFT after deducting the commission/margin on the prevailing rate on material indent. (PF-14)

Demand assessment for submission of further indents

After procurement of initial required stock, the Associate Will place further orders of minimum quantity mentioned in terms and conditions and agreement. However, they may place orders of more quantity, for which they can do their own assessment of demand. For their guidance some criteria for assessment are given below:-

  1. Initially the demand will be for new connections.
  2. Demand of products will be increased according to the level of publicity and identification of potential customers through intensive micro-survey.
  3. When 50% of the initial stock are sold, place the second indent immediately for the projected demand in the next few days.
  4. In the second month onwards you will also need Cylinders for meeting Refill Demand of the customers to whom you have given new connections in the first month.
  5. In the next couple of months there will be increase of demand for both new connection and also for refills.
  6. Assess demand accurately and send your indent accordingly.
  7. As volume of turnover increase, start making quicker indents to ensure steady supply.

Procedure for placing and procuring orders

Associate will prepare their indent on Form No. PF-14 and send the same alongwith payment to Company through messenger or through Courier.  The Associate can also send SMS/E-Mail to company after remittance of payment. While indenting the order, Associate will ensure that the orders are sufficient for three days supplies. After receiving indent the Company will send the information to their plant/Godown on same day. Plant/Godown will prepare a delivery challan (PF-15) in triplicate for the stock to be supplied to Associate.

In case Associate have their own transport arrangement, they will immediately send their vehicle to collect the supply. Empty cylinder send through Associate’s vehicle will be collected by Godown Incharge and an acknowledgement of the same will be given to Associate.

In case supply is being made through Company’s vehicle Associate will receive the stock on signing on copies of the Delivery Challan Bill One copy of Challan Bill be given to Associate.

Plant/stock- yard will also receive the empty cylinder from Associate and acknowledge the same on the copy of the Delivery Order given

On Recepit Of Stock At Associate’s premises

Update your stock register by entering quantity received under respective heads and update the balance of stock in hand it is mandatory for Associate.