Job profile and operational guidelines for Zonal Manager (Marketing)

The Zonal manager will be in-charge of one marketing zone and will act as the interface between the business associates and the head office of the company as per guidelines/norms framed by the company. BDMs in the zones will report to the zonal manager and zonal manager will report to the general manager/managing director at head office. However, the responsibilities will be as under:-

  1. He will be responsible for fulfilling the corporate objectives within company budgets in respect of his zone under his control and ensure comprehensive business development of the zone under his charge. He will have his headquarters at his residence or use one of his business associate’s office. He will be on touring in zone under his control.
  2. ZM will monitor the functioning of the zone under his jurisdiction from the stage of selection, offer and appointment of the business associates. He will assist the GM/CMD in the process of releasing advertisement for selecting business associates and thereafter in the process of interviewing the applicants and making final selection.
  3. ZM to monitor the setting up of office and developing infrastructure by the business associates including provision to train field staff and ensure quick commencement of operations by the business associates.
  4. ZM, as co-member of the section/interview panel will assist the manager (personnel & training) for recruitment of BDMs and MMs as per projected requirement and plan the training programmes for them. They should be made available to the business associates, distributors & dealers in time at the point of their appointment.
  5. ZM will monitor and arrange potential survey (district survey & town/village surveys) initially by the business associates before taking up distributor appointment as per company guidelines.
  6. ZM will actively assist the business associate in planning and conducting the Inaugural function, including press publicity and organizing press conference at that occasion. ZM to personally attend the inaugural function of the business associates.
  7. ZM will properly guide the business associates and BDMs in the process of selecting/ sponsoring applicants for appointment as distributor/dealers, commencing from the release of press advertisement for such selection. ZM will also part the training to all incoordination with the company and in understanding the “procedure for dairying and handling correspondence/applications for dealership/distributorship.”
  8. On the completion of the selection process by the business associate and sponsoring of applications for distributors, ZM will check and approve eligibility and suitability as per criteria at website and recommend the appointment to the competent authority.
  9. In respect of recommendations received for dealer appointment through business associates, ZM will scrutinize the recommendations of the BDM and approve the pre-appointments and get the approval from competent authority and convey the same to concerned person.
  10. On the appointment of distributors/dealers, the ZM will be responsible for ensuring an integrated functioning of the zonal system, working under the tiers of dealer-distributor-business associates and SR-BDM/MM.
  11. ZM will interact with BDM to assess the projected manpower and training needs of each zone based on progress of dealer/distributor appointments and assess the overall manpower & training needs in advance for each quarter. Thereafter, BDM will pursue the matter with the manager (personnel & training) for implementation of the Recruitment & training programmes. A co-ordinated action should be planned, so that each dealer on appointment is provided ready services of trained SRs/surveyors, and each distributor on appointment is provided services of trained BDM. Lack of trained personnel should not hamper the progress of business development at any stage.
  12. He will draw the quarterly training schedules (including refresher programmes and special subject programmes for training of field officers. He will also recommend short seminars on specific subject (like consumer loan), micro field surveys, grass root planning for dealers at different centers.
  13. ZM will attend inaugural functions of business associates and ensure attendance of such functions of distributors by the BDM. The zonal manager is overall responsible for proper working of S.R/B.D.M./M.M/dealer/distributor/business associates, as per norms/guidelines of the company & keep strict watch on supply from company to distributor/dealers & thereafter up to consumer also.
  14. ZM will monitor the reports and information flow from the BDMs and put up key developments and highlight overall progress, with specific critical cases to the general manager/managing director.
  15. ZM may assess suitable training seminars for dealers/distributors and business associates intended to true up their working and take up with the manager (P & T) thorough his BDM for organizing such seminars. seminars of this category should be purpose/activity oriented and should be of one to two days duration each.
  16. He will monitor the achievement of periodical business budgets by the zones speedily & target oriented under his jurisdiction and recommend such steps as may be needed for improving performance including liasioning with government Deptt. regarding illegal trading in the business.
  17. Grievances of dealers not redressed by distributors should be resolved at the level of BDM/ business associates. These should be taken up after regular monthly meetings at the offices of the business associates case by case. The BDM/business associates visiting the place of the dealer/distributor should try to sort out problems. ZM to organize such a procedure.
  18. Grievances of BDMs not resolved at the level of MMs should be looked into by the ZM or GM on ZM’s request and steps taken to resolve the same.
  19. ZM will plan the quarterly publicity budget and programmes for the zones under his control, in consultations with his BDMs and monitor the proper conduct of such programmes at all levels
  20. All Publicity programmes will be put to the ZM for sanction. ZM will sanction programmes under his powers and recommend other cases to the GM for action.
  21. ZM will have powers to take decision against non-performing distributors and delegate such powers to take action against non-performing dealers to the marketing manager.
  22. Similarly, ZM will initiate action on non-performing BDMs and delegate powers for similar action on SRs and surveyors to his BDMs. ZMs will also appraise the quarterly accountability reports of BDMs under his zone and report to the CMD, through GM. quarterly accountability reports of MMs will be appraised by the GM at head office and quarterly accountability reports of ZMs by a personal committee of executives appointed by the CMD.
  23. Monthly reports received by the zonal office from BDMs and dealer/distributor etc. will be processed by the MM of headquarter of zonal manager and put up to the ZM. He will assess the strong & week points of performance in each area/sub-area and submit a summarized report to the GM/CMD highlighting very good performance (with a draft letter conveying appreciation by CMD) and good performance (appreciation to be conveyed by ZM), letters for counselling to all average performance and letter expressing concern to below average performance and urging them to improve performance quickly.
  24. Quarterly performance appraisal of BDM put up by the business associate will be approved/modified (with reasons for modification) by the ZM, based on the quarterly accountability report submitted by the BDM, as the communicated to the Manager (P& T). A summarized report of assessment of all BDMs will be submitted to the CMD by the ZM, enclosing the QARs received from the BDMs.
  25. Quarterly performance assessment of MMs will be initiated by the ZM, who will process and rate the performance. He will then forward the papers to the CMD through the GM for final decision. Final assessment of each BDM will be forwarded to the manager (P & T) for record
  26. ZM will act as the final authority to take decision on requests for premature retirement of dealers. However, in all such cases ZM should ensure (consulting with the distributor/business associates) that there is continuity of service to the consumer and our business interests do not suffer.
  27. ZM will initiate action on cases of premature retirement of distributors and initiate interim/final steps for alternate arrangement. The cases with full details of alternate arrangements made should be put up the CMD, who is the competent authority to accept such premature retirements.
  28. Cases of dealers, who are chronically non-performers, who frequently commit breach of terms & conditions, who lack commitment and are deemed not reliable, should be decided by the ZM on the recommendation of the MM. However, the final decision may be implemented after reporting to the G.M. case by case.
  29. Annual review of performance of dealers will be made by the ZM and case by case report submitted to the general manager/CMD for information.
  30. Recommendation for renewal/termination of distributors will be made by ZM to the CMD, six months before expiry date and in case of recommendation for termination, reasons /justification to be specifically stated, and alternate arrangements proposed to be submitted.
  31. Corres. with various ministries and department for getting lands on lease for ALDS and pursuance the same up to end.
  32. Corres. with various department for conducting raids on illegal traders on behalf of the association.
  33. Crating marketing material i.e., Advt. emailers, to promote PLL.