Job profile & operational guidelines for Business Development Manager (Marketing Manager)

S. No. Data Heads Particulars
1 Headquarter Zonal office of the Business Associate in the state
2 Cadre Middle level in the Marketing
 3 Appointed by Business Associate after approval from the company
4 Report to Business Associate/ Zonal manager of the company
5 Staff Reporting to him  SRs/surveyors/ CCE/BE/BDE attached
6 Jurisdiction Four districts
 7 Nature of job For complete business development of his area of LPG for domestic, commercial & industrial use as well as Auto LPG. Appointment of distributors, dealers, retailers, mini retailers, customer representative, dealer (ALDS) & conduct business promotion of all associates with coordination of Head office of the company.
8 Salary by  Business associate
 9 Incentive Incentive scheme of the company
10 Incentives to be borne by Company and associates as per terms & conditions

Definition of role & responsibilities

BDM/Marketing manager is a top-level field functionary entrusted with total responsibilities for developing marketing infrastructure and sales promotion in his jurisdiction. His jurisdiction extends to the whole of the area allotted to him with direct control on all SRs. His job responsibilities commence from the formation of the distributor’s office and his associates starts with initial responsibility for developing their office infrastructure. He will function and discharge his responsibilities from his headquarters i.e., zonal office with regular visits in the field. His job profile & operational guidelines in details will be as under:

  1. Selection of distributor & completion of formalities by them.
    Set plan for selection/appointment initiated through advertisement and start selecting distributors & dealers. Refer guidelines for appointment of distributor & dealer in our website.
  2. Survey of his area
    District/town/semi urban survey work is to be done by the BDMs with the help of sales representatives on prescribed forms. After completion of survey, he should work out for  demarcation of his jurisdiction into convenient blocks for allotment to each dealers/retailers/mini retailers. These should be ready, as much as possible before the inaugural function of the distributor.
  3. Developing of infrastructure and setting up of the offices of distributor and his associates.
    This is the first work that the BDM should undertake. Detailed guidelines for office layout & infrastructure facilities are given at company’s website.
  4. Follow guidelines for appointment & training of marketing and administrative staff required for distributors’s offices as per guidelines given in the website.
  5. Follow guidelines for Pre-inauguration publicity in an effective manner in his jurisdiction.
  6. Follow guidelines for organizing the inaugural functions as described in the website. He should list the various steps to be taken before hand and the method of planning and conducting the function with the discussions of business associates and corporate office.
  7. Normally the MM/BDM should not undertake field visits himself, but should get all field work done through SRs but he may undertake tour of his jurisdiction to meet the distributor to develop his district.
  8. Coordination & team development responsibilities
    Development/motivation of Sales representative/distributors/dealers/retailers should be followed by conducting meeting at district level & visit to their place from time to time. Follow up reports received from SRs on the one hand and from associates on the other hand.
  9. Liasioning job with Govt. Deptt.
    He will be in touch with the govt. authorities for liaison job like approval of godown, action against illegal traders & getting permission required from time to time for different purpose like umbrella show & stalls etc..
  10. To create industrial sales through personal visits or cold calling through BE and also follow the guidelines given for industrial sales.
  11. Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems, developing solutions, preparing reports, making recommendations to management.
    1.  Meeting to be conducted by the business associates
      1. Meeting of BDMs should be at the office of the business associate convened/presided over by the business Associate to review the progress & performance of each SRs.
      2. Special meeting of BDM/SRs/Distributor/Dealers
        In this meeting all 4 SRs and BDM pertaining to one distributor should be called. Such meetings will also be presided over by the business associates. The distributor/dealer may also participate in the meeting, if considered necessary. Any dealer having specific problem or constraint to be discussed in the meeting may also attend as a special invitee.
        Both meeting can be arranged in one day respectively for each BDM on monthly basis.
    2. meetings to be attended by BDM
      1. BDM will have meeting with zonal manager as per requirement, minimum once in a month to discuss the progress made in the previous month by the zone in detail, and further action plan settled for the zone. Before attending the meeting, ASM should discuss all the relevant matters with the business Associate.
      2. Quarterly meetings of G.M./M.D. with Business Associate
        G.M./MD will review progress of the zone with the business associate, once in a quarter either in individual meeting at business associates. Office or at head office as may be decided. There may also be, a mid-quarter meeting, if warranted. This should also be attended by BDM.
  12. Record to be maintained by the BDM/MM
    1. Day to day activity dairy
    2. Distributor wise/dealer wise register to be maintained from the data available in the monthly working report submitted by the SRs under him.
    3. One flat file for each SRs for filing reports submitted by him.
    4. One file for office copies of reports submitted by BDM to the company.
  13. Any other work assigns by the company.
  14. Reports
    BDM will receive reports from distributors/SRs & submit to zonal office/head office. Guidelines to be followed have been described in our literature PL-88.