Job Responsibility of plant supervisor

  1. Tank weight from kanta and connect with gas tanker for transfer of LPG.
  2. Labour attendance on labour register duty in & out time.
  3. Ensure that during duty no body misuse of mobile and through Gutka, Tambaku wrapper in the plant.
  4. Daily count filled & empty stock in the evening.
  5. Count & verify stock of Last day in the morning.
  6. Prepare stock report after checking sale report from supply register.
  7. Send daily sale/stock report on whatsapp in premier group.
  8. Plan the filling as per Asstt. Manager (sales & accounts)’s instructions.
  9. Complete the filled stock as directed by Asstt. Manager (sales & accounts). Be sure that the filled stock is completed even in shortage of labour. The weight & leakage should be checked and sealed properly before dispatch.
  10. Dispatch the cylinders as per bill issued by the sales clerk. Cylinders should be placed in horizontal position.
  11. Counts the empty cylinder after received from supply. Be sure that the empty of other company not come at our plant. The weight of empty cylinder should be checked & noted. Before sending for filling the cylinder should be checked from quality point of view that any ‘kachara’ not remain in the cylinders.
  12. Check compressor (in 3 days), and be sure proper working & do motor oiling on 10 to 15 days.
  13. Make entry on daily basis party wise filled issue & empty received and report difference to Asstt. Manager (sales & accounts) at the end of the day.
  14. Verify the stock on daily basis after submission of daily sale report from the counter person.

Records to be maintained

  • Stock register- ten page may be allotted to one items, more or less with the consultation of accountant.
  • Daily roaster of the labour

Reports to be submitted

Daily report of plant-Bhiwadi  ___(Date)__

  • Filled cylinders
4 kg. 6kg. 12kg. 15kg. 17kg. 33 VOT 33 LOT

Name of Labour worked on the day

Filler Loader Helper

Stock in tanker

Gain or loss   
  • stock report of filled cylinders
size 4 kg. 6kg. 12kg. 15kg. 17kg. 33 VOT 33 LOT
Closing balance              
  • stock report of empty cylinder
size 4 kg. 6kg. 12kg. 15kg. 17kg. 33 VOT 33 LOT
For Filing              
To defective              
Closing balance