Benefits & Uses Of The Register

  •  The Register has two columns to serve as identification columns, i.e the date and the Consumer No. Date is in chronological order and Consumer No. is in numerical order.
  •  Thus, if a consumer mentions his code No. you can easily locate the code No. and get all his particulars.
  • If the consumer does not know his code no., but mentions his name and date of joining, you can locate the date mentioned by him and scan the entries of that date to find his name and then his code no.
  •  You can also analyse members leaving datewise/monthwise,and also the reasons for their leaving, and draw useful conclusion, that will help to take corrective measures.
  •  To find out how many member joined during a month e.g for the month of January,1998. Find the serial no. of the last member of the previous month i.e. December, 1997 and the serial no. of the last member of the month for which you want the particular, i.e. January,1998. The difference between these two serial numbers represents new members joined during January,1998.
  •  To find how many members left during the month e.g. for the month of January ,1998 – First, find the number of members that joined during Jan., 1998 as above.Add this number to the progressive total in Co.No.6 of the Register As at 31.12.1997 and then deduct the progressive total as at 31.01.1998 to the total. The net figure represents the number of members who left us during January, 1998.
  •  However, when the number of members joined or leaving are not many these can be physically counted from the Register.

Procedure For Making Entries In The Register

When a member joins make the original entry related to the member as under:-

  • No.1 – Enter Date of joining.
  • No.2 – Enter Code No. of the member in this column. Refer guidelines on Code No. allotment i.e system of Codification (PL-23) specially to particular part to the guidelines applicable to Dealers given at the end of this literature for correct allotment.
  • Nos.3 & 4 – are for entering Subscription Voucher No. if the member opts for single cylinder, enter subscription voucher no. in Col.3 and leave Col.4.

A member already having single cylinder may subsequently opt for D.B.C. At that time subscription voucher will be given to him. However, his consumer code will not change. Enter the D.B.C voucher No. whenever given in Col.4 of  the original entry itself, without making a fresh entry at that time. In the remarks Col. No.9 write “DBC from_________”.

  • No.5 – Enter the Consumer’s Name, Address & Telephone No.
  • No.6 – This column is for entering progressive total of Consumers with Dealer. Add one to the previous figure, when a new member joins and enter the progressive total in this column.
  • No.7 & 8 – These columns will be blank against the original entry, as long as the consumer remains with us and does not return the cylinder(s). However if at any time he choose to rescind the contract, in addition to making entries in the datewise/order as on the date of leaving as described subsequently, the Col. No 7 and 8 against the original entry relating to that member should also be filled in.
  • No.9 – Remarks is intended to fill in any other additional information about the consumer as may be considered relevant.


  • No.1 – Enter date of leaving.
  • No.2 – Code No. of consumer leaving(Already allotted).
  • Nos.3,4,5 & 7 – Particulars relating to the Consumer in respect of these columns are already available in the original entry relating to the consumer. Thus need not be repeated when he leaves, at the leaving entry. Hence these columns may be left blank.
  • No.6 – Progressive total, the previous total in the earlier entry will be reduced by one, on account of one Consumer leaving.
  • No. 7 & 8 – are filled against the original entry and hence these will not be filles here. Put a small line or hypen(-) in all columns, where no date is required to be filled in.