Operational guidelines for telephone/landline & mobile

  1. Monitoring of calls
    1. Maintenance of all inward/outward call Register as per PS – 6.
    2. Dispose of calls at his own level by giving proper reply to the calling person in case of general enquiry on routine matters otherwise transfer calls to the concerned dealing person.
    3. Messages received for all concerned person in their absence, should be communicated to them via Message Slip (PF – 17) after acknowledgement.
  1. Control & accountability

Quick routing of inward calls by prompt response to caller is the control measure in respect of inward calls. Holding important telephone numbers ready in hand & getting prompt outward connections are the responsibilities of the front officer. Telephone conversation should be brief and to the point. The front officer should watch the employee, who retained the line for long time. Lines should be made/kept free for Incoming calls.

  1. Maintaining directoryCompile telephone directories in following three parts:
    1. PLL staff, its associate companies, distributors, dealers, retailers, etc.
    2. Government department particularly Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Ministry Industries, Ministry Of Food & Civil Supplies, CCOE(Chief Controller Of Explosives) and its Zonal Offices and Police Deptt, etc. with names and designations.
    3. All called numbers other than above (local alphabetical – wise and outstation wise). This should include all persons/concerns with whom we may have any official/business dealing

All out-station phone numbers must be mentioned with STD – CODE numbers.

  1. Maintenance of landline/intercom/cameras

In case of deficiencies in working, report immediately to the Customer Care of telephone department. Make entry in maintenance register (PS – 38) and note the complaint number. In case of problems with the landline/intercom/cameras, lodge the complaint to the maintenance company & pursue till resolution problem. Phone should always be in working condition.

  1. Display of t.v at front office and conference room

At front office PPT slides should be displayed and website should be display in the conference room. He/she should keep on watch for proper working.

  1. Verification of telephone bills; making of personal calls & bill to be sent to accounts section for payment

On receiving of b ills from the Company, send the bill to all concerned persons if the bill Amount exceeds the packaged amount to mark the personal calls made by the employee. In case of discrepancies/unauthorized calls, if any report to the competent authority and put up bill for approval. Maintain register to keep watch that bills are being paid in time to avoid disconnection of telephone (PS – 15). Watch on intercom maintenance contract also.

  1. Maintenance of mobile numbers and its payment

All the staff should be issued one official sim containing the facility of SMS & Data pack with minimum monthly rental scheme. Two sims should be reserved always. The scheme for management staff should be as per requirement to avoid extra billing. The list of mobile numbers of staff & management should be updated from time to time. The payment of all mobile numbers & data should be on one date. He/she should keep in mind that bill may be forwarded to the accountant after approval from the management administration in time and should peruse till the payment is made.


  1. PS – 6 outward/inward call register
  2. PS – 15 telephone bill payment register
  3. PS – 38 maintenance register
  4. Three telephone directories as mentioned above
  5.  List of all mobile numbers
  6.  Telephone Directory of Ministries & Other Concerned Government Departments
  7.  Telephone Directory Of Connected Persons


  1. PF – 17 Message Slip