Code of Conduct for all the Staff


The purpose of code of conduct is to improve the efficiency & discipline in performing duties to get output of the month to run the company smoothly and employee can be perfect in performing his assigned roles & responsibilities well and get promotion & increment as well as good incentives. The efficiency of the employee will also be counted at the time of release of bonus & increment on submission of his appraisal report from time to time. Here, we would like to mention that there is no bar limit for promotion in our company because the company is under expansion all over India.

Duty Hours

Duty hours in office will be 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. or 10.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. with lunch break strictly from 1.30 to 2.00 p.m. except under special circumstance. If desire by the employee, during normal circumstances, work from home can be done according to requirement and the duty hours will not increase but 20% salary will be deducted for the days employee performed from home. However, in special circumstances, the employee can take permission from the management to work from home and in that case no deduction in salary will be made.

Before joining duty of the day, every employee should note that his/her mobile having all functions like recording, scanning etc. and laptop should be in working order. It is also clear that the company will provide SIM with data & expenses for introduction of any app, but no repair charges will be reimbursed by the company for his laptop as per terms settled during the interview. The duty of maintenance of computer, on table in the office, will also be of the employee to perform duty of the day through maintenance agency, when provide by company.

Every field employee will be required to perform duty as per requirement in the market but not less than 8 hours. His duty hours will be calculated from the working place in case, he/she is not visiting the office in the morning. He/she must submit his/her daily working report with his/her conveyance, if any, at the mail id on the same day but not later than next day before joining duties. However, it can be waived off where no possibility of sending reports.


Attendance in attendance register should be marked with exact time on arrival and departure. The time should be according to the wall clock at the office. All employees will also send message of “Good Morning everyone” from his/her whatsapp number on arrival &“Bye everyone” on departure for house on whatsapp group allotted to him/her.

If any employee comes late by 10 minutes, it will be allowed for 10 days during the month, if days increased, then one day leave will be deducted up to 15 days in a month. After 10 minutes but up to 30 minutes, one short leave will be counted. Three of short leave will be considered as one day leave. If employee comes late by more than 30 minutes any day, half day leave will be counted.

In case of wrong time marked or try to mis-guide on phone, it will be taken as serious offense and major penalty will be imposed as per rules of company.

Performance of Duty

Every employee will leave office in time after informing his controlling officer on completion of his assigned job as per his role and responsibilities or extra work assigned by management. Employee should complete his work before 15minutes to leave office in time. No O.T.A. will be paid for the assigned job. If management asks any employee to work late, he/she has to work late in that case, O.T.A. will be allowed after 30 minutes to subordinate and clerical staff only.

Extra work, if any entrusted by the management, should be completed on the same day or can be postponed for the next day with the permission of the management. However, if extra time devoted, that will be compensated.

If any employee is being called by the management to work on Sunday/holiday, the employee will be compensated by a leave on any other day during the same month or next month or will be paid extra payment for the days worked at the time of disbursement of salary/stipend of that month. The decision of the management will be final. The conveyance will be paid as per TA/DA rules, in case of late sitting. Late coming on next day against late sitting on duty will not be allowed.

Every employee will be bound not to take personal calls except emergency & also gossips are not allowed during office hours. Every employee should keep in mind that we are dealing with essential commodity and cannot forget our priority of customer services, so they are bound to pick up calls/whatsapp on holidays or late hours also and take action as required.

Every employee should follow the guidelines circulated from time to time which will also be given on our website and updated on day to day basis and he is strictly advice not to take print of that for daily use and reply to any customer about previous guidelines because it can be changed according to requirement regularly and he should watch on circulars issued from time to time about changes in the website.

Every employee will be bound to keep clear his/her table in the evening after completion of his/her work of the day. He/she should sure that no extra papers should be found in the drawer except the pending papers, which should also be mentioned in folder by marking pending work. All papers should keep in file as per guidelines issued for maintenance of file at the end of day. Every employee has to submit his/her daily working report on daily basis on prescribed form to his Reporting officer at his mail or in hard copy. Employee on outdoor duty or due to some other reasons can submit report from his/her residence in the night. Every employee to get his dues will submit his/her expenses/conveyance as per TA/DA rules and in any case not later than last working day of the week.

The employee will always keep notebook with him when called upon by his/her seniors. During the service, the employee should follow the instructions given by his seniors and the controlling officer. Employee should honestly perform his/her duties as per assigned job & responsibilities. In case of default, after giving him/her a proper opportunity for explanation, the penalty will be imposed as per rules of the company.

Availment of Leave

Every employee is free to enjoy holidays & leaves granted as per rules. No officer will dis-allow the leave and he will manage the work at his own level because a rule doesn’t allow anyone to take long leave immediately.

Complaint against grievances

Every employee is free to defend his/her right and can report to Manager (Admn.), case of refusal to grant of leave, not sending remarks on his application/appraisal of increment/promotion, compelling them to sit late in the evening or in odd hours and make calls unnecessary particularly for female employees. This will be implemented even on the managerial persons also. In case of dis-satisfaction, anyone can directly approach to CEO in sealed cover envelop by marking confidential or can send complaint on his personal mail which will be confidential also. In case of non-satisfaction, the ombudsman process enables individuals to raise concerns about any malpractice, impropriety, abuse or wrongdoing, without fear of victimization. The matter will be looked into by our team of ombudsmen at ombuds@premierlpgltd.comwithout disclosing the name of individual.

The suggestions are also welcome and good suggestions will be rewarded.

Release of salary

Every employee will submit his monthly output report by 3rd of the next month positively to his reporting officer on PF-61, who will forward the same to account department by 4th positively so that remuneration can be paid in time.

Increment & Promotions

All employees should be aware that we have planned for expansion on pan India basis and there are lot of opportunities for the employee for the promotion or change of cadre if that suits to him/her and choice of posting of place. He can approach to Manager (Admn.) and after clearance of some test and interview he/she can be promoted on adhoc basis for three months and thereafter his/her services will be regularized on the same cadre. However, after regular appointment, everyone will be bound not to join any company of related business i.e. LPG/ Auto LPG up to one year either after resign from services or terminated by the company due to disciplinary action.

Disbursement of Advance against salary, incentive & Bonus

50% incentive of the employee will be given on 20th of the every month for the previous month with O.T.A. and 50% incentive will be disbursed with the bonus. Bonus will be disbursed on Deepawali to the eligible employee as per service rules and increment will also be granted when he/she become eligible for bonus only. The amount of bonus can be increased or decreased as per performance of the employee after deduction of his penalty amount, if any. If the employee left his job before disbursement of bonus no incentive/Bonus will be paid. Every regular employee can take advance against salary up to 40% of the salary amount on 25th of every month after regularization or performing minimum 3 months service to the company.

All employees should keep in mind that, negligence during performing of the duty will not be tolerated and if company suffers losses due to their acts, the same will be recovered from their salary or from bonus amount, if any. In case, if negligence comes out in notice, after an employee leaves the company, the same will be recovered from him/her as per the law. Also note that, similar amount will be deducted from the salary of the concerned officer/employee who recommend payment or support in wrong activity.