Code of Conduct for Employee under training

  1. During training period, the regular working hours will be 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. with lunch break of half an hour. The employee should be available, if required, from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. as per the requirement of training and it will be decided by the training incharge. However, He/she will perform 8 hours duty with justification at the end of the day in his/her report.
  2. Stipend will be disbursed on completion of daily working hour’s sheet and other terms of the company accepted by him/her as mentioned in employment form and service rules of the company.
  3. He/she will be eligible for regular appointment only on completion of his/her training and performing his/her duties as per the duties & responsibilities assigned to the job with report properly. For example, if a candidate has been hired for the position of BDE(business development executive), during the training period, he will have to perform the duties of BDE(business development executive), CCE (Customer care executive), & BE(business executive), so that he can perform efficiently in all areas. Training will be provided by Relax Consultant.  After completion of training period, the management will evaluate the performance of the employee on the basis of his/her performance during training period and then his/her position and responsibilities will be decided.
  4. The training period will be 30 working days subject to conditions that he/she becomes capable to perform his/her duties and submit reports properly minimum for 7 working days. If he/she become capable for the job as per requirement, his/her services can be regularized early. The decision of management will be final.
  5. During the training period if any employee remains absent from training without permission or take leave out of leave rule his/her services will be terminated and no stipend will be paid.
  6. During the training period, to show his/her intelligence in work, the trainer will guide the trainee and provide the explanation on his mistake. If the trainee continues the same mistake for more than three times, then 1/10 of stipend of the day will be deducted and calculated for all the days that mistake was done. If the negligence remains continue, the trainee services will be terminated and no stipend will be paid.
  7. If an employee leaves during his/her training time period, the company reserves the right to forfeit his/her earned stipend.
  8. On the day of joining, it is mandatory that he/she must have their own laptop and mobile with proper network.