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HR Executive

  • Am I speaking to Mr. or Ms.________.
    (Name of candidates)
  • If yes
  • I am ______, speaking from HR Deptt. of PREMIER LPG LIMITED. You have applied with us through for the post of_________.
    • If No
    • Ok
  • If Yes
  • Is this suitable time to talk with you?
    • If Yes
    • Sir, our 27 years old company deals in LPG cylinders & Auto LPG pumps and now as all you are aware that our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narender Modiji is doing tremendous work like removal of Article 370, construction of Ram Mandir etc. and now declared to become India capable and in this regard a committee was formed to give equal platform to Parallel Marketers which was neglected since 1993 to 2015 and formed a committee to give equal platforms to us. Without waiting the recommendation of the committee, the Govt. company, BPCL was put in auction to private parties only and recently has come in news that this process will be completed by March 2021. Keeping in view to avail this golden opportunity,our company open various opportunities ranging from Rs. 20,000/- to 10 corers with unbelievable lump sum & monthly regular income as compare to their investment all over India. All the details are available at our website . I will again send you link and pamphlet on whatsapp/mail.Please confirm your mail/whatsapp number. So you are requested to go through it to know the full details.
    • Now, few persons may like to have information about schemes, but you simply say, for more information about scheme I will forward your number to our business executive where they will contact you soon. Along with this I recommend you to please visit our website once againwhere you will find all details through FAQsIn case of any other query, you can also contact us on the number given at our website in “Contact us”. Thanks
    • If No
    • Ok Sir when I can call you again? (Note date & time in follow up)