Guidelines for dealing person to deal with the new joinee and employee after resignation

The dealing person will deal with the new person when he//she joins and employee left the services after resignation.

  1. Dispatch original appointment letter after confirming the residential address of the candidate and post getting the guarantee form duly verified in original from HR (Admn.).
  2. Get printed copy of following documents from website in his/her presence and get their signatures on every page:-
    1. Service Rules
    2. Rules for leaving service
    3. No due receipt
    4. Code of conduct for employee under training
    5. Code of conduct for regular employee
    6. Certificate of release of salary
    7. Acceptance letter
    8. Duties & responsibilities of the joinee post
  3. Joining letter as per specimen.
  4. Handover one sim containing internet data.
  5. Company writing pad with one pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser etc.
  6. Identity Card
  7. Visiting Cards
  8. Provide him/her Email Id for Office purpose
  9. Add him/her in applicable whatsapp group
  10. Issue office order of joinee as per specimen.

When any employee left the services, the dealing person will issue the NOC after taking all the above mentioned items back and remove his/her name from whatsapps group.