Guidelines to Back Admin to perform his/her duties

Checking the working of all employees and other jobs assigned to them in the duties & responsibilities of each employee. Help the employees in understanding their job descriptions, which are mentioned below:

  1. How to perform his/her assigned job.
  2. What records are to be maintained for that job.
  3. How he/she has to report on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

In general, penalties for not adhering to discipline have been given in the code of conduct placed at website in service rules and the penalties for not performing the duties properly have been mentioned against each job, which will be accepted by the employee before joining duties in the company and he/she will have to provide two guarantees for the same. However, the present staff will also follow these guidelines to get their increment & promotion whereas some relaxations have been granted by the management as per circular dated 01-09-2020.

Back admin will check the working on daily basis and will ensure that records are being maintained by them as per requirement on computer and manually, on timely basis, not later than by the end of the month and keeps all the records in Google drive &  in safe custody with the CEO.

He will forward the Performa of release of salary with his recommendation that report submitted by the employee is correct. He should be sure about the correctness in all respect.